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Plain Reason
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The primary objective of Plain Reason is to promote rational discussion and critical thinking in all matters of public interest, and particularly in those issues which relate to beliefs in the supernatural and pseudo-scientific practices not based on material evidence.  Plain Reason argues for the appreciation of science, and to embrace the Scientific Method as the most reliable means to advance knowledge of our world, the universe and our own human origins.

Our aim is to lay open to scrutiny the myths of all religion, but primarily to focus on the undue influences in Australia of evangelical Christianity in politics, education, health, aged care and the welfare sectors.  Christian evangelism is based on known fabrications of both the Old and New Testaments, with contemporary historians and biblical scholars rejecting the entire myth of a divine Jesus of Nazareth — Son of God.  Plain Reason advances the need for Australia to become fully secular; to teach ‘philosophical ethics’ in schools; and to remove religion from education and the whole political process of government — particularly as it relates to a raft of contemporary social policy.

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