Rationalist Society of Australia Inc.

Name of Organization: Rationalist Society of Australia Inc.
Short Description: Australia’s oldest freethought group, promoting Reason since 1906.
Long Description:

Members and supporters hold that all significant beliefs and actions should be based on reason and evidence, that the natural world is the only world there is, and that answers to the key questions of human existence are to be found only in that natural world.

By way of practical action, we call for:
1. A secular, pluralistic and democratic Australia
2. Clear separation between religion and the State
3. ‘One law for all’, with no recognition of parallel legal systems
4. Religious organisations subject to the same laws as other organisations
5. Children not to suffer because of the religious views of their parents
6. Education to be strictly secular, not promoting any particular religion
7. No discrimination on the basis of a person’s sex, sexuality or gender identity
8. Freedom of reproductive choice, with no religious interference
9. Healthcare available to all regardless of the religious views of the provider
10. Guaranteed control over one’s own body, free from religious interference, when facing the end of life.

Time and date for meetings: Second Wednesdays of each month
Meetings are held at this address:: 291 Dandenong Rd, Windsor VIC 3181
Post Code: 3181
Website or Facebook URL: https://www.rationalist.com.au/
  • Rationalist Society of Australia Inc.

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