Stuart Robert

This is a tough one. He seems to be a religious nutter and a member of a particularly nasty church and is no doubt heavily influenced by religious belief but has spoken out in some limited areas concerning the military which would indicate a secular attitude.

Has defended the right of uniformed military personnel to march in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. This may be a case where his military leanings outweigh his Christian leanings.

Supports diversity in the military.

From this article by Kaye Lee

Stuart Robert is another Pentacostal parliamentarian who said in his maiden speech that his “life has always been guided by a strong Christian faith that has set my moral compass and cemented my values.”

“I am proud of our nation’s common Judaeo-Christian heritage and the values that underpin that heritage and, indeed, underpin our society and way of life. I am proud of the personal freedoms we enjoy, based on a bedrock of Christian based ethical standards.”

Stuart Robert was demoted for accompanying a Liberal Party donor to China to secure a business deal from which he would benefit financially. He is also under investigation for electoral funding misdemeanours.

In his speech he named Gary Skinner, leader of the Ugandan-based pentecostal Watoto Church , as one of the “great influences over my life”.

Mr Robert was a founding director of the offshoot Watoto Australia.

Gay and lesbian activists say Watoto and Mr Skinner are virulently anti-gay and have contributed to violent homophobia in Uganda. Mr Robert – who was also a member of Watoto’s International Board – has travelled to the Ugandan capital Kampala many times to meet Mr Skinner, who says homosexuality is “degrading” and an “inhuman sin” that brings disease and destroys families.

On at least two occasions Mr Robert charged taxpayers for the travel, with the bill totalling almost $20,000. On two other occasions he declared free travel to Africa on his register of interests, paid for by Watoto.

The Church supported a bill calling for the death penalty for gays. The bill was eventually passed without the death penalty included, instead imposing a life sentence for homosexuality. The new version of the bill – which also imposes seven-year prison terms for “aiding and abetting” homosexuals – was annulled by the country’s constitutional court but only on procedural grounds. Proponents are agitating to resurrect it.

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