Scott Morrison

Morrison has drawn attention for the influence of his faith on his political position. While an evangelical Christian within the Pentecostal Church, Morrison argued in his maiden speech “My personal faith in Jesus Christ is not a political agenda.

Also from his maiden speech: “So what values do I derive from my faith? My answer comes from Jeremiah, chapter 9:24: I am the Lord who exercises loving-kindness, justice and righteousness on earth; for I delight in these things, declares the Lord.”

He is an evangelical Christian who worships at a Hillsong-style Pentecostal church in Sydney. One mentor is the founder of Hillsong, Harley Davidson-riding pastor Brian Houston. In Who’s Who Morrison mentions the church as his number-one hobby.

Morrison met his wife, Jenny, through church connections when both were young teens and married at 21. But it would take them 18 years to have the first of their two children, enduring multiple IVF treatments along the way. In his maiden speech to Parliament, he described the birth of their first child as a blessing from God, rewarding his wife’s religious devotion.

He has insisted on religious freedom provisions (special religious privileges allowing discrimination) to be included as part of any amendment to the Marriage Act allowing same-sex marriage.

After becoming Prime Minister he made a series of statements outlining his disrespect and misunderstanding of secularism. For details check out episodes 164 and 165. As a result, his IFVG score dropped from 2 to 0.

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