Peter Dutton

He is willing to look at legislation to protect “religious freedom” but is against commercial businesses being allowed to discriminate.

Asked about discrimination by commercial service providers like florists and bakers, Dutton said he would consider the amendment but “I would find it hard to discriminate against a particular person on any basis, really”.

 “If you’re involved in baking cakes, if you’re involved in the provision of commercial services otherwise, you don’t discriminate as to who comes through the door of your shop,” he said.

Asked if religious freedom could be dealt with after marriage equality, Dutton said that although he didn’t support a bill of rights a “religious protections bill” to protect people’s fundamental religious beliefs could be a matter for a “future debate”.

… Dutton said there were some amendments he could not support, warning: “I don’t support discrimination in any form against any person.”

Has attended a Hillsong convention

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