George Christensen

From The Daily Mercury

DAWSON MP George Christensen is continuing to defend his choice to abstain from voting on the Marriage Amendment Bill if it doesn’t include protections for free speech and religion.

The Federal MP has been slammed for saying he will only vote for a same sex marriage bill that has some protections for free speech, people of faith and parents in it, despite 55.1% of the Dawson electorate returning a ‘Yes’ preference in the same sex marriage survey.

“New laws to change the definition of marriage must allow freedom of speech and religious liberty on the topic,” Mr Christensen posted to Facebook on Sunday.

“Otherwise we will have bishops, priests, pastors and Christians hauled before authorities for simply quoting the bible or stating the Christian position on marriage. It has already happened in this country and it will happen more with same sex marriage legalised.

“No one voted for free speech and religious liberty to be curtailed.”

…”I’d rather not get elected than vote for something that undermined free speech, freedom of religion and parental rights,” the MP said.

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