Barnaby Joyce

From the SMH

… My war is always against that religion called atheist extremism, that sneaky sect. Its advocates’ belief in nothing is more affirmed and uncompromising than just about anyone else’s belief in anything. Oh, they are all so proper and stuffy and impossible at drinks…

… You can hear yourself muttering under your breath, ”I wish you would go drown yourself, you pseudo-intellectual Gucci flea.” They write letters to complain about the incorrectness of carols at the school and picket the Christmas tree. To not insult their religion, you must no longer follow yours. They yearn for the fallacy of a vacuum and they demand that you join them in that philosophical void…

From the ABC

Barnaby Joyce warns Asian countries could see Australia as ‘decadent’ if same-sex marriage legalised


Barnaby Joyce has said, “We have a strong Christian constituency and we will continue to stand up for them. Because we are not embarrassed about saying that. Other people are, we’re not.”

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