Alex Hawke

From the SMH

Hawke was raised an Anglican who occasionally is attracted to Hillsong’s happy clapping

Religion and politics: “Do I inject my religion into my politics? No, but my religion guides the values and the ethics of the things I do.”

Hawke thinks Australia will move increasingly towards an American model of conservatism. “The two greatest forces for good in human history are capitalism and Christianity, and when they’re blended it’s a very powerful duo.”

John Howard once said the Liberal Party was a broad church but Hawke is not so sure. “People say it’s a broad church. My response to that is you’ve got to agree it’s a church. It’s not a brothel, for instance. If people want to legalise drug-injecting rooms, lower the age of consent, go with all these trendy things, this is not the party that believes in those things. We’re not that broad.”

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