Federal Secular Index

Welcome to the Iron Fist Velvet Glove Secular Index for Federal Politicians.

We take the view that many religious doctrines are harmful to our society and a person who has strong religious beliefs is more likely to oppose progressive reform of our laws. For that reason, it is important to know the nature of religious belief held by our political leaders. This index is an attempt to summarise that information.

Do you think it is unfair to question the religious belief of our political leaders? Check out this article by former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally.

We have listed our understanding of the particular faith followed by our Federal politicians and a rating of their commitment to secular values. We have no problem with politicians who are extremely pious provided they do not seek to impose their religion on other people or seek special privileges or advantages for their religion.

The index rates commitment to secular values.

0 – A person who actively argues against secular values and has demonstrated a shameless desire to use government resources to promote their particular religion and who would cross the floor and vote against party policy if such policy contravened their religious conviction.

3- A person who believes religions are valuable, that they should be supported and encouraged by government and would strongly oppose removing privileges but is not necessarily a loud advocate or organiser for religions.

5 – Neutral. We have been unable to find evidence of secular values.

8 – A person who would probably vote for secular reforms but does not publicly argue in favour of such reforms.

10 – A person who may or may not be extremely religious but who recognises that religion is a private matter which should receive no assistance from government and who actively advocates for the removal of special religious privileges.

If the index score is blank it means we haven’t scored this politician yet. You can help by sending us an email with information and links.

Alternatively, leave a comment below with your suggested score and information.

It would be great if you include links to articles which support your suggested score.

If there is limited public information about a particular politician or if you just like to do a thorough job you could also send the politician a questionnaire. Here is a link to a suggested questionnaire.

If you think it is unfair or unusual to examine the religious beliefs of politicians you might be interested in Pew Research data regarding the US Congress of 2019.



Adam Bandt5Non BelieverN/AAGVicH of RepsMore details
Alan Tudge4BelieverUnknownLPVicH of Reps
Alex Gallacher5UnknownUnknownALPSASenateAbsent for SSM vote.
Very little information about this long time union official.
Alex Hawke2BelieverChristianLPNSWH of RepsA religious conservative power broker who works diligently to oust moderate liberals.More details
Amanda Rishworth5UnknownUnknownALPSAH of Reps
Amanda Stoker1UnknownUnknownLPQldSenateSexuality is a choice. Pro life. Anti gay student clubs. Pro LGBT discrimination.More details
Andrew Broad (007)3BelieverChristianNatsVicH of RepsThe SSM debate flushed out his desire for religious privilegesMore details
Andrew Gee5UnknownUnknownNatsNSWH of Reps
Andrew Giles5UnknownUnknownALPVicH of Reps
Andrew Hastie2BelieverChristianLPWAH of RepsUltra conservative Christian fundamentalist who probably believes in creationism.
Andrew Laming5UnknownUnknownLPQldH of Reps
Andrew Leigh5Non believerAtheistALPACTH of Reps
Andrew Wallace5BelieverChristianLPQldH of RepsBut he said he was also a firm believer in the separation of church and state, and had no problems with legalising SSM.
Andrew Wilkie5UnknownUnknownINDTasH of Reps
Angus Taylor4BelieverChristianLPNSWH of RepsPart of Abbott's army. He argued that if the Marriage Act were changed there must be strong protections for people of faithMore details
Ann Sudmalis5UnknownUnknownLPNSWH of Reps
Anne Aly3BelieverIslamALPWAH of RepsDescribes herself as a secular Muslim.More details
Anne Ruston3UnknownUnknownLPSASenateVoted very strongly for prioritising religious freedom.
Anne Stanley5UnknownUnknownALPNSWH of Reps
Anne Urquhart5UnknownUnknownALPTasSenate
Anthony Albanese5BelieverChristianALPNSWH of RepsSays he was raised with 3 great faiths: Catholicism, Souths Football and Labor.More details
Anthony Byrne5UnknownUnknownALPVicH of RepsOpposed SSM for unknown reasons
Anthony Chisholm5UnknownUnknownALPQldSenateMore details
Arthur Sinodinos5BelieverChristianLPNSWSenate
Barnaby Joyce1BelieverChristianNatsNSWH of RepsHe hates extremist atheists.More details
Barry O'Sullivan3UnknownUnknownNatsQldSenateVoted against SSM but reasons unknown. part of Tony Abbott's cabal of religious nutters.More details
Ben Morton5UnknownUnknownLPWAH of Reps
Bert van Manen5BelieverChristianLPQldH of RepsStrong Christian ethics and values that guide his lifeMore details
Bill Shorten5BelieverChristianALPVicH of RepsDisagrees with the Church on a number of issues: stem-cell research, the right of women to control their own bodies, priestly marriage and SSMMore details
Bob Katter0BelieverChristianKAPQldH of RepsClaimed he was sick of sitting back and copping it by the humanists and the Darwinians.More details
Brendan O'Connor5UnknownUnknownALPVicH of Reps
Brian Burston4BelieverChristianUAPNSWSenateVoted against SSM for unknown reasons
Brian Mitchell5UnknownUnknownALPTasH of Reps
Bridget McKenzie3BelieverChristianNatsVicSenateVoted strongly for prioritising religious freedom.More details
Carol Brown7UnknownUnknownALPTasSenateVoted very strongly against prioritising religious freedomMore details
Catherine King5UnknownUnknownALPVicH of Reps
Cathy McGowan5UnknownUnknownINDVicH of Reps
Cathy O'Toole5UnknownUnknownALPQldH of Reps
Catryna Bilyk3UnknownUnknownALPTasSenateVoted strongly for prioritising religious freedom.
Chris Bowen5Non BelieverAtheistALPNSWH of RepsOne of the few openly declared atheists in parliamentMore details
Chris Crewther5UnknownUnknownLPVicH of Reps
Chris Hayes4UnknownUnknownALPNSWH of RepsHe has said "I believe steps should be taken to protect ­religious liberty.”"
Chris Ketter3BelieverChristianALPQldSenateVoted against SSM for religious freedom reasons. He is linked to the conservative Shop Assistants Union.
Christian Porter5UnknownUnknownLPWAH of Reps
Christopher Pyne6BelieverChristianLPSAH of RepsLeading Liberal moderate.
Opposed all amendments to the SSM bill aimed at strengthening protections for religious freedoms.
More details
Claire Moore3UnknownUnknownALPQldSenateVoted strongly for prioritising religious freedom.
Clare O'Neil5UnknownUnknownALPVicH of Reps
Concetta Fierravanti-Wells3BelieverChristianLPNSWSenatePerhaps the Liberal Party’s most vocal spokesperson for conservative multicultural views.More details
Cory Bernardi0BelieverChristianACSASenateA very outspoken conservative who has no regard for secular values.
Craig Kelly4BelieverChristianALPNSWH of RepsPart of Tony Abbott's cabal of religious nuttersMore details
Craig Laundy5UnknownUnknownLPNSWH of Reps
Damian Drum5UnknownUnknownNatsVicH of Reps
Dan Tehan3BelieverChristianLPVicH of RepsSocial Services Minister Dan Tehan called in a recent speech for a federal Religious Discrimination Act.
Darren Chester5UnknownUnknownNatsVicH of Reps
David Bushby5UnknownUnknownLPTasSenate
David Coleman5UnknownUnknownLPNSWH of Reps
David Fawcett2BelieverChristianLPSASenateTried to win amendments to the SSM legislation to allow special religious privileges. A big believer in Religious FreedomMore details
David Gillespie4UnknownUnknownNatsNSWH of RepsAbstained from marriage equality vote probably because of religious freedom beliefs
David Leyonhjelm4UnknownUnknownLDPNSWSenateHas pushed for special religious exemptions as part of marriage equality but his motivation appears to be libertarianMore details
David Littleproud3UnknownUnknownNatsQldH of RepsVoted against SSM due to religious freedom concerns
David Smith5UnknownUnknownALPACTSenate
Dean Smith3UnknownUnknownLPWASenateVoted very strongly for prioritising religious freedom.
Deborah O'Neill3BelieverChristianALPNSWSenateOn SSM she abstained and she says she has been guided by her conscience. “I believe in the traditional definition of marriage..."
Derryn Hinch7Non BelieverAtheistDHJPVicSenateVoted very strongly against prioritising religious freedom.More details
Don Farrell2BelieverChristianALPSASenateA staunch Catholic, his father was DLP and he is a powerful advocate of conservative ideas.More details
Doug Cameron9Non BelieverAtheistALPNSWSenate“I don’t want religion stuffed down my throat by anyone. It’s unacceptable to me and it should be unacceptable to this parliament,”More details
Ed Husic5BelieverMuslimALPNSWH of Reps
Emma Husar5UnknownUnknownALPNSWH of Reps
Emma McBride5UnknownUnknownALPNSWH of Reps
Eric Abetz0BelieverChristianLPTasSenateMore details
Fraser Anning3BelieverChristianINDQldSenateVoted against SSM for religious reasons.
Voted very strongly for prioritising religious freedom.
Gai Brodtmann6UnknownUnknownALPACTH of RepsMore details
Gavin Marshall5UnknownUnknownALPVicSenateAbsent overseas for SSM vote
Ged Kearney5UnknownUnknownALPVicH of Reps
George Christensen3BelieverChristianNatsQldH of RepsWhen he was 21 he briefly attended a seminary with the intention to become a Catholic priest.More details
Glenn Sterle5UnknownUnknownALPWASenateAbsent for SSM vote.
Graham Perrett5BelieverChristianALPQldH of Reps
Greg Hunt5UnknownUnknownLPVicH of Reps
Helen Polley7BelieverChristianALPTasSenateVoted very strongly against civil celebrants having he rightto refuse to marry same-sex couples.
Voted strongly against prioritising religious freedom.
More details
Ian Goodenough4BelieverChristianLPWAH of RepsSeems to be signing up religious nutters as Liberal Party members
Ian MacDonald3UnknownUnknownLPQldSenateInitially opposed SSM for unknown reasonsMore details
Jacinta Collins2UnknownUnknownALPVicSenateAnti-abortion. Anti-euthanasia. Anti-SSM. A cardboard cut-out Catholic.More details
James McGrath3UnknownUnknownLPQldSenateAbstained from the SSM vote for unknown reasons.
An extreme right wing Libertarian.
Voted very strongly for prioritising religious freedom.
James Paterson3UnknownUnknownLPVicSenateDrafted his own bill which would allow service providers to deny service for gay weddings and favoured special religious exemptions.
Jane Hume3UnknownUnknownLPVicSenateRefused to agree to the protection of LGBT students from discrimination.
Pro protections for religious freedom.
More details
Jane Prentice3UnknownUnknownLPQldH of RepsStrong support for continued federal government funding of the National School Chaplaincy Program
Janet Rice7UnknownUnknownAGVicSenatePassionate advocate for SSM and LGBTIQ rights.More details
Jason Clare5UnknownUnknownALPNSWH of Reps74% of his electorate voted No but he voted Yes to SSM
Jason Falinski5UnknownUnknownLPNSWH of Reps
Jason Wood5UnknownUnknownLPVicH of Reps
Jenny Macklin5UnknownUnknownALPVicH of Reps
Jenny McAllister5UnknownUnknownALPNSWSenate
Jim Chalmers5UnknownUnknownALPQldH of RepsNothing found to suggest he is either for or against secularismMore details
Jim Molan3BelieverChristianLPNSWSenateAn Abbott man.
Voted very strongly for prioritising religious freedom.
Joanne Ryan5UnknownUnknownALPVicH of Reps
Joel Fitzgibbon5UnknownUnknownALPNSWH of Reps
John Alexander5UnknownUnknownLPNSWH of Reps
John McVeigh5BelieverChristianLPQldH of Reps
John Williams3BelieverChristianNatsNSWSenateWants the Lord's Prayer to be part of the school system.
Voted against SSM for religious freedom reasons.
More details
Jonathon Duniam3BelieverChristianLPTasSenateA Christian who is proudly the ideological love child of Eric AbetzMore details
Jordon Steele-John7UnknownUnknownAGWASenateVoted strongly against prioritising religious freedom.More details
Josh Frydenberg5BelieverJewishLPVicH of Reps
Josh Wilson5AgnosticN/aALPWAH of Reps
Julia Banks5UnknownUnknownLPVicH of Reps
Julian Hill5UnknownUnknownALPVicH of Reps
Julian Leeser5BelieverJewishLPNSWH of Reps
Julie Bishop2BelieverChristianLPWAH of RepsThreatened to reduce State Govt funding if they watered down RI lessonsMore details
Julie Collins5BelieverChristianALPTasH of Reps
Julie Owens5UnknownUnknownALPNSWH of Reps
Justine Elliot5UnknownUnknownALPNSWH of Reps
Justine Keay5UnknownUnknownALPTasH of Reps
Karen Andrews5BelieverChristianLPQldH of RepsBelieves in God
Kate Ellis5UnknownUnknownALPSAH of Reps
Keith Pitt3BelieverChristianNatsQldH of RepsWas raised in the Catholic faith and would support the proposed amendments for religious freedoms, which ultimately failed.
Kelly O'Dwyer5UnknownUnknownLPVicH of Reps
Ken O'Dowd5UnknownUnknownNatsQldH of Reps
Ken Wyatt5BelieverChristianLPWAH of Reps
Kerryn Phelps8BelieverJewishINDNSWH of RepsMore details
Kevin Andrews0BelieverUnknownLPVicH of RepsFor religious reasons, introduced a bill to defeat assisted dying legislation in the NT.More details
Kevin Hogan5UnknownUnknownNatsNSWH of Reps
Kim Carr6UnknownUnknownALPVicSenateHas shown concern on issues that compromise the separation of church and state.More details
Kimberley Kitching5UnknownUnknownALPVicSenate
Kristina Keneally5BelieverChristianALPNSWSenateDefends her right for her political decisions to be influenced by her religious beliefs.
Often critical of the hierarchy of her church.
Islam sympathiser

More details

Larissa Waters7Non BelieverN/AAGQldSenateVoted very strongly against prioritising religious freedomMore details
Linda Burney5UnknownUnknownALPNSWH of Reps
Linda Reynolds3UnknownUnknownLPWASenateVoted very strongly for prioritising religious freedom.
Lisa Chesters5UnknownUnknownALPVicH of Reps
Lisa Singh5UnknownUnknownALPTasSenate
Llew O'Brien5BelieverChristianLPQldH of Reps
Louise Pratt5UnknownUnknownALPWASenateSpoke against Chaplains in schools but for LGBTQ reasons, not secular reasons.More details
Lucy Gichuhi3BelieverChristianLPSASenateVoted against SSM for religious reasons.More details
Lucy Wicks5UnknownUnknownLPNSWH of RepsSSM is provoking an upheaval about freedom of conscience, religious liberty and the norms that govern our democratic discourse.
Luke Gosling5BelieverChristianALPNTH of Reps
Luke Hartsuyker5UnknownUnknownNatsNSWH of Reps
Luke Howarth3BelieverChristianLPQldH of RepsWants to expand the Chaplaincy scheme
Madeleine King5UnknownUnknownALPWAH of Reps
Malarndirri McCarthy5BelieverChristianALPNTSenateI am thankful for Christ in my life and for each and every sunrise.”
Maria Vamvakinou5UnknownUnknownALPVicH of Reps
Marise Payne3UnknownUnknownLPNSWSenateVoted strongly for prioritising religious freedom.
Mark Butler4Non BelieverN/AALPSAH of RepsProtective of Chaplaincy programme.More details
Mark Coulton5UnknownUnknownNatsNSWH of Reps
Mark Dreyfus6BelieverJewishALPVicH of RepsMore details
Mathias Cormann3BelieverChristianLPWASenateA conservative Catholic. He pushed for special religious privileges as part of Marriage Act amendments
Matt Keogh5UnknownUnnownALPWAH of Reps
Matt Thistlethwaite5UnknownUnknownALPNSWH of Reps
Matthew Canavan1BelieverChristianNatsQldSenateA hardcore Catholic and disciple of Tony Abbott who bemoans the rise of secularism.More details
Mehreen Faruqi7BelieverIslamAGNSWSenateVoted very strongly against prioritising religious freedom.More details
Melissa Price5BelieverChristianLPWAH of RepsA Tony Abbott supporter
Meryl Swanson5UnknownUnknownALPNSWH of Reps
Michael Danby5BelieverJewishALPVicH of Reps
Michael Keenan5UnknownUnknownLPWAH of Reps
Michael McCormack5UnknownUnknownNatsNSWH of Reps
Michael Sukkar3BelieverChristianLPVicH of RepsConservative son of immigrant Lebanese Maronite ChristiansMore details
Michaelia Cash3UnknownUnknownLPWASenateShe spoke at an ACL conference and voted for special religious exemptions in the Marriage Act debate.
Michelle Landry5UnknownUnknownNatsQldH of RepsNot much to report except she is against the Burqa but that may be just xenophobia rather than secular concernsMore details
Michelle Rowland5BelieverChristianALPNSWH of Reps
Mike Freelander5UnknownUnknownALPNSWH of Reps
Mike Kelly5BelieverChristianALPNSWH of Reps
Milton Dick5UnknownUnknownALPQldH of Reps
Mitch Fifield3UnknownUnknownLPVicSenateVoted for special religious exemptions in the SSM debate.
Voted very strongly for prioritising religious freedom.
Murray Watt7UnknownUnknownALPQldSenateVoted strongly against prioritising religious freedomMore details
Nick Champion5UnknownUnknownALPSAH of Reps
Nick McKim9UnknownUnknownAGTasSenateHas spoken out strongly in favour of secularism.
Voted very strongly against prioritising religious freedom.
More details
Nicolle Flint4UnknownUnknownLPSAH of RepsVoted strongly for civil celebrants to be able to refuse same sex marriages
Nigel Scullion3UnknownUnknownCLPNTSenateVoted strongly for prioritising religious freedom.
Nola Marino5UnknownUnknownLPWAH of Reps
Pat Conroy6UnknownUnknownALPNSWH of RepsMore details
Pat Dodson5BelieverChristianALPWASenateUnknown position on SSM and absent when the vote took place.
Patrick Gorman5UnknownUnknownALPWAH of Reps
Paul Fletcher3BelieverChristianLPNSWH of RepsSeemed to reluctantly accept the SSM plebiscite decisionMore details
Pauline Hanson3UnknownUnknownPHONQldSenateIs against SSM and in favour of amendments to allow civil celebrants to refuse SSM.More details
Penny Wong7UnknownUnknownALPSASenateIs prepared to confront religious privilege.More details
Peter Dutton3UnknownUnknownLPQldH of RepsNot a Bible basher but lines up with conservative views.More details
Peter Georgiou3UnknownUnknownPHONWASenateVoted very strongly for prioritising religious freedom.
Peter Khalil5BelieverChristianALPVicH of Reps
Peter Whish-Wilson7UnknownUnknownAGTasSenateVoted very strongly against prioritising religious freedomMore details
Rachel Siewert7UnknownUnknownAGWASenateVoted very strongly against prioritising religious freedomMore details
Rebekha Sharkie5UnknownUnknownCASAH of Reps
Rex Patrick7UnknownUnknownCASASenateVoted very strongly against prioritising religious freedom.More details
Richard Colbeck3UnknownUnknownLPTasSenateVoted very strongly for prioritising religious freedomMore details
Richard Di Natale9UnknownUnknownAGVicSenateVoted very strongly against prioritising religious freedom.
Needs to do more to promote secularism
More details
Richard Marles5UnknownUnknownALPVicH of Reps
Rick Wilson3UnknownUnknownLPWAH of RepsAbstained from SSM vote because he wanted religious freedom exemptions.
Rob Mitchell5UnknownUnknownALPVicH of Reps
Ross Hart5UnknownUnknownALPTasH of Reps
Ross Vasta5UnknownUnknownLPQldH of Reps
Rowan Ramsey5UnknownUnknownLPSAH of Reps
Russell Broadbent3BelieverChristianLPVicH of RepsSupporter of Parliamentary Prayer and critical of the secular movement.More details
Sarah Hanson-Young7UnknownUnknownAGSASenateVoted very strongly against prioritising religious freedomMore details
Sarah Henderson5BelieverChristianLPVicH of Reps
Scott Buchholz4UnknownUnknownLPQldH of Reps
Scott Morrison0BelieverChristianLPNSWH of RepsHas pushed hard for special religious privileges. A true enemy of secularism.More details
Scott Ryan3UnknownUnknownLPVicSenateAdvocates that School Chaplains should be religiousMore details
Sharon Bird5UnknownUnknownALPNSWH of Reps
Sharon Claydon5UnknownUnknownALPNSWH of Reps
Shayne Neumann5BelieverChristianALPQldH of Reps
Simon Birmingham4Non BelieverAtheistLPSASenateInconsistent.
Voted strongly for prioritising religious freedom but was prepared to take on overfunding of religious schools when Education Minister.
Slade Brockman3UnknownUnknownLPWASenateVoted against SSM for religious freedom reasonsMore details
Stephen Jones5BelieverChristianALPNSWH of Reps
Steve Georganas5BelieverUnknownALPSAH of Reps
Steve Irons5UnknownUnknownLPWAH of Reps
Steve Martin5UnknownUnknownNATSTasSenate
Steven Ciobo5UnknownUnknownLPQldH of Reps
Stirling Griff7UnknownUnknownCASASenateVoted very strongly against prioritising religious freedom.More details
Stuart Robert6BelieverChristianLPQldH of RepsA religious nutter who has supported diversity in the military and the right for military personnel to march in uniform in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Possibly only secular when it comes to the military.More details
Sue Lines5UnknownUnknownALPWASenate
Susan Lamb5UnknownUnknownALPQldH of Reps
Susan Templeman5UnknownUnknownALPNSWH of Reps
Sussan Ley5UnknownUnknownLPNSWH of Reps
Tanya Plibersek5BelieverUnknownALPNSWH of Reps
Ted O'Brien5UnknownUnknownLPQldH of Reps"The notion of trying to take pictures of Jesus out of Christmas cards is ludicrous," Fairfax MP Ted O'Brien said, fuming at the reported edict.
Terri Butler6UnknownUnknownALPQldH of RepsDifficult to evaluate. A secular humanist and supports a lot of secular policies such as science funding, SSM and assisted dying.
She appears to have fallen into the trap of progressive authoritarianism
More details
Tim Storer7UnknownUnknownINDSASenateVoted very strongly against prioritising religious freedomMore details
Tim Watts5UnknownUnknownALPVicH of Reps
Tim Wilson4UnknownUnknownLPVicH of Reps"I will fight for religious freedom," says Tim Wilson
Tony Abbott0BelieverChristianLPNSWH of RepsThe mad monk.
Solid score of 0.
A true enemy of secularism.
More details
Tony Burke4BelieverChristianALPNSWH of RepsAttends church each week, sitting towards the back, and leaving quietly.More details
Tony Pasin4BelieverChristianLPSAH of RepsPart of Abbott's cabal.More details
Tony Smith5UnknownUnknownLPVicH of Reps
Tony Zappia5UnknownUnknownALPSAH of Reps
Trent Zimmerman5UnknownUnknownLPNSWH of Reps
Trevor Evans5UnknownUnknownLPQldH of Reps
Warren Entsch6UnknownUnknownLPQldH of RepsArgued strongly against cake baker exemptions
Warren Snowdon5UnknownUnknownALPNTH of Reps
Wayne Swan5UnknownUnknownALPQldH of Reps
Zed Seselja2BelieverChristianLPACTSenateA Catholic lawyer who used his maiden speech to defend traditional marriage.More details



25 comments on “Federal Secular Index
  1. Matt Ellis says:

    I’ll do the research on every federal politician from WA, both Senators and House of Reps.

    • The Iron Fist says:

      Good on you Matt

    • john mulhall says:

      quick note on Graham Perrett. He made comments in favour of gay marriage years before it became a vote winner. He asked in a public speech why to homosexuals getting married had any impact upon the meaning of his own. Good man and i don’t vote Labour.

  2. Dean says:

    Quite simply, you have just lost an opportunity to do this well. You should have never announced this. You should have sent a questionaire to any Politician that you didnt know about already and asked them a series of questions.

    • The Iron Fist says:

      I don’t agree with you Dean but can I put you down to do Chris Bowen, Andrew Broad, Russell Broadbent, Gai Brodtman, Scott Buchholtz, Tony Burke, Linda Burney, Mark Butler, Terri Butler and Anthony Byrne?

  3. Janelle says:

    Great initiative. I can’t help at the moment as I’m busy with uni work but after about mid-September I’ll help out if you’re still going.

    This site can help your research on how pollies voted on different issues:

    You can search by the politician or by issue. Here is the vote for:
    – National School Chaplaincy program: https://theyvoteforyou.org.au/policies/61
    – Stem Cell Research: https://theyvoteforyou.org.au/policies/22

  4. The Iron Fist says:

    Hi Everyone. This site may help your investigations. http://www.openaustralia.org.au/

  5. Landon Hardbottom says:

    A list of sites to assist in the search, such as the one The Iron Fist has listed above would be helpful and encourage more participation. I’ll start at the “Zs” and see if I can make some progress there but tracking down this type of information isn’t something I’ve done before.

  6. Selena says:

    I looked at Jacquie Lambie.
    I scored her a 1.
    Opposes marriage equality for religious reasons.
    Refused a tour of a mosque for religious reasons.
    Actively opposes Islam but not for secular reasons.

  7. The Iron Fist says:

    If there is limited public information about a particular politician or if you just like to do a thorough job you could also send the politician a questionnaire. I have amended the page to include a link to a suggested questionnaire.

  8. The Iron Fist says:

    Roberta has offered to do
    Hon Chris Bowen
    Andrew Broad
    Russell Broadbent
    Gai Brodtmann
    Scott Buchholz
    Hon Tony Burke
    Linda Burney
    Hon Mark Butler
    Terri Butler
    Hon Anthony Byrne

  9. Pele says:

    Malcolm Fucking Roberts.
    No mention of religious affiliation found, but he did go on ‘church and state’ show https://churchandstate.com.au/climate-change/
    RE abortion,
    He thinks there’s not enough ‘balanced’ information available, that women are misinformed, and that ‘Abortion violates the sanctity of life’

  10. Janelle Carter says:

    I give Eric Abetz a zero. He’s more of a religious zealot than Tony Abbott.

    Religion: Christian – a member of the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia (an extremely conservative denomination in the Calvinist tradition). Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Abetz

    Religious Activism: Abetz “has been variously associated with conservative groups, including the Association of Christian Parent Controlled Schools, Salt Shakers, Focus on the Family, Lyons Forum, Endeavour Forum, Family Council of Victoria, Fatherhood Foundation, Australian Christian Lobby, Australian Family Association and Right to Life Australia” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Abetz

    Voting record: Abetz has voted exactly as you would expect a fundamentalist Christian to vote:

    Voted very strongly against increasing availability of abortion drugs: https://theyvoteforyou.org.au/people/senate/tasmania/eric_abetz/policies/31

    Voted very strongly against stem-cell research: https://theyvoteforyou.org.au/people/senate/tasmania/eric_abetz/policies/22

    Voted very strongly against a national redress scheme for institutional abuse survivors: https://theyvoteforyou.org.au/people/senate/tasmania/eric_abetz/policies/125

    Voted very strongly against extending government benefits to same-sex couples: https://theyvoteforyou.org.au/people/senate/tasmania/eric_abetz/policies/29

    Voted moderately for funding the national school chaplaincy program: https://theyvoteforyou.org.au/people/senate/tasmania/eric_abetz/policies/61

    Quotes on various issues:

    On imposing his religious view on the rest of us: “In case I need to declare I identify as a Christian. That forms the basis of my world view which in turn provides me with a moral code which in turn informs my approach to law making.” https://abetz.com.au/speeches/the-foundations-of-successful-conservative-policy-the-wise-and-foolish-builders

    On Parliamentary prayers: He has strongly argued against the Green party’s attempts to remove the Lord’s prayer from the daily opening of Federal Parliament saying “The latest Green attack as part of their ongoing attempt to rewrite our history and deny our heritage,” and pointed out that Australia’s freedom and wealth have been built on our religious underpinnings, making us the envy of the world.”

    On separation of Church and State he quotes Ronald Reagan on his blog “And I know that you will agree with me that standing up for Australia also means standing up for the God, who has so blessed our land. I believe this country hungers for a spiritual revival. I believe it longs to see traditional values reflected in public policy again. To those who argue the separation of Church and State as reason for excluding God from more and more of our institutions and everyday life, may I just say: separation of Church and State was not to protect the people of this country from religious values; it was to protect religious values from government tyranny.” https://abetz.com.au/speeches/address-to-the-australian-christian-lobby-conference-brisbane

    On Same-sex marriage: He’s said he won’t be bound by the same-sex marriage poll and will vote according to his conscience: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2016/jan/27/eric-abetz-coalition-mps-will-not-be-bound-by-plebiscite-on-marriage-equality

    On Australia: He believes that “Our rich Judeo-Christian heritage as a nation should be celebrated and taught as the foundation of our nation’s greatness” and “Our society and its well-being – the envy of the world – is firmly rooted in our Judeo-Christian heritage.” https://abetz.com.au/speeches/the-foundations-of-successful-conservative-policy-the-wise-and-foolish-builders

    On abortion: “I think the studies, and I think they date back from the 1950s, assert that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer.” http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/opinion/media-bias-and-religion-its-not-about-faith-or-politics-but-how-extremely-they-are-expressed/news-story/347407eae2e89501998da4fe5e9061b9

    On claiming there is anti-Christian bias in the media: “If you have a Christian, conservative point of view to offer, the media will have this negative-sentiment override which will simply be critical of any views that you may seek to express …” http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/opinion/media-bias-and-religion-its-not-about-faith-or-politics-but-how-extremely-they-are-expressed/news-story/347407eae2e89501998da4fe5e9061b9

  11. Janelle Carter says:

    Terri Butler Member for Griffith was much harder to evaluate, she is a secular humanist and supports a lot of secular policies such as science funding, same-sex marriage and assisted dying.
    Although she is not religious she appears to have fallen into the trap of progressive authoritarianism – wanting to enforce equality and speech codes in law. She is the Shadow Assistant minister for equality and supports policies such as gender quotas and opposes the reform of 18C. I find these incompatible with principles of fairness (we should be a meritocracy) and liberalism (freedom of speech is the bedrock of our democracy). Strictly speaking though these views don’t impact her ‘secular’ credentials. This underscores for me that secularism alone is not enough – we also need politicians committed to liberalism and justice.

    Anyway, Butler would get a 7 for her championing of secular policies however due to her support for QLD’s religious vilification laws she is getting a 6. The vilification laws make it unlawful to incite hatred, serious contempt and even “severe ridicule” of a person or group on the basis of their religion. It is easy to see how these could come to act as defacto blasphemy laws if interpreted widely by the courts.

    Religion: She claimed in parliament to be “a secular humanist”: http://www.openaustralia.org.au/debates/?id=2016-11-09.113.1&s=secular#g123.8

    Views on Secular topics:
    On science funding: In her maiden speech spoke strongly in favour of science funding “Australia should be a nation that respects science, rigour and expertise, and knowledge, skills, experience and evidence, because in elevating and celebrating these things lies Australia’s future—our ability to compete and to cooperate. We owe it to every Australian to fund scientific research not just when it is perceived to have immediate financial benefit, because the nature of scientific research is that we do not know what it will lead to; we do not know what innovations will occur in the future with scientific research… more broadly, we must promote science and reason. We must resist anti-intellectualism.”

    On Same-Sex Marriage: Has been a strong supporter of marriage equality since entering parliament and co-sponsored a bill to legalise same-sex marriage in 2015. She also strongly opposed a same-sex marriage plebiscite but on her Facebook page she makes it clear she will be voting ‘yes’ in the postal vote. http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/queensland-mps-lead-marriage-equality-charge-20150907-gjh2w7.html

    On Abortion: She successfully lobbied the government to cancel the visa of American anti-abortion campaigner Troy Newman, who had previously called for the execution of abortion doctors.

    On voluntary assisted-dying: In principle, subject to seeing the details of the bill, she supports legalisation of voluntary assisted dying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1p7HrrY-BB4 (at approx. 9 minute mark)

    Leftist-authoritarian views:

    She supports QLDs religious vilification laws (defacto blasphemy laws): http://www.terributlermp.com/our_community_must_stand_together_against_religious_vilification

    She strongly believes in gender quotas and affirmative action in politics and business: http://www.theleft.org.au/50_is_equal

    On Free Speech: She opposed changes to 18C of the Racial Discrimination act. She was sued by one of the QUT students involved in the Cindy Prior case over comments she made on Q&A accusing them of using the ‘N word’.

  12. Janelle Carter says:

    I’ll also do Derryn Hinch and my local MP Julie Owens.
    Hinch should get a good rating, I know he’s opposed to chaplains, wants to remove the Lord’s prayer from the opening of parliament, and thinks churches should pay tax.

  13. Adam says:

    DR Jim Chalmers MP – Member for Rankin

    Rating of 8
    There was not a lot of evidence to suggest that Jim was anything but secular in his political views .
    His personal life is somewhat candid and without glimpse into any form of faith following.
    Would be a 10 if I was able to find anything from Jim stating that he did not follow a faith.
    Pro –
    SSM ‘Yes’ Voter – Facebook post 8:30am 27-10-27 (Ditto Twitter)
    Defended Bill Shorten’s efforts against changes to Section 18c labelling the changes as an ‘obsession of the far right of the Liberal Party – The Australian 17-11-2016

    On the fence –
    Active participant at local functions to recognise upstanding citizens within his electorate which are hosted by religious bodies but interpret these activities as him wanting to engage with the large cultural demographic of his electorate.

  14. Brett Jones says:

    Hi there

    I have started on my local member, Michelle Landry, LNP member for Capricornia. I have not been able to find any mention of her stance on secularism and if she is even religious. She came out against burqas in public, but only stated safety and feminist principles. In that article she did reflect some knowledge of old testament ideals of modesty, but no stance on her own religiosity.

    She voted for the plebiscite, however she seems to vote in the party line. At the moment, I am thinking she may be between a 5 to 7, however I have sent her the survey and hope for a response.


    • The Iron Fist says:

      Thanks Brett!

    • The Iron Fist says:

      I have put her down as a 5

    • Brett Jones says:

      An update. A Landry representative got back to me and said they were all too busy to do the survey. They did say though “Please note however that as the Federal Member for Capricornia, Ms Landry’s personal views will not always determine how she will vote in parliament – as the representative of the electorate she will always vote based on the majority opinion of the constituents she is representing.” From what I have seen on her voting record, she tows the party line. However, as she is elected she has a good argument that she is representing the majority of her constituents, as they voted LNP. So, yoou get what you ask for.

  15. Linda says:

    Great site, recently discovered that both Liberal and Labor Pollies have removed their religious affiliations from their Wiki pages.
    Why is it so?

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