Qld Secular Index

Welcome to the Iron Fist Velvet Glove Secular Index for Queensland Politicians.

We take the view that many religious doctrines are harmful to our society and a person who has strong religious beliefs is more likely to oppose progressive reform of our laws. For that reason, it is important to know the nature of religious belief held by our political leaders. This index is an attempt to summarise that information.

We have listed our understanding of the particular faith followed by our Queensland politicians and a rating of their commitment to secular values. We have no problem with politicians who are extremely pious provided they do not seek to impose their religion on other people or seek special privileges or advantages for their religion.

The index rates commitment to secular values.

0 – A person who actively argues against secular values and has demonstrated a shameless desire to use government resources to promote their particular religion and who would cross the floor and vote against party policy if such policy contravened their religious conviction.

3- A person who believes religions are valuable, that they should be supported and encouraged by government and would strongly oppose removing privileges but is not necessarily a loud advocate or organiser for religions.

5 – Neutral. We have been unable to find evidence of secular values.

8 – A person who would probably vote for secular reforms but does not publicly argue in favour of such reforms.

10 – A person who may or may not be extremely religious but who recognises that religion is a private matter which should receive no assistance from government and who actively advocates for the removal of special religious privileges.

If the index score is blank it means we haven’t scored this politician yet. You can help by downloading a CSV file, filling in some of the blanks and emailing it back to us. The email address to use is the Iron Fists’s first name (trevor) followed by at ironfistvelvetglove.com.au.

Alternatively, leave a comment below with your suggested score and information.

It would be great if you include links to articles which support your suggested score.

If there is limited public information about a particular politician or if you just like to do a thorough job you could also send the politician a questionnaire. Here is a link to a suggested questionnaire.

TitleFirstLastReligionSecular IndexPartyElectorateNotesLinks
MrM ABoothman MP5LNPMember for AlbertNo mention of religion in his inauguration speech.
HonL MEnoch MPALPMember for Algester
HonK JJones MPALPMember for Ashgrove
MsT EDavis MPLNPMember for Aspley
MrC DCrawford MPALPMember for Barron River
MrJ MKrause MPLNPMember for Beaudesert
HonGGrace MPALPMember for Brisbane Central
MissV MBarton MPLNPMember for Broadwater
MrS LDickson MPONPMember for Buderim
MsD EFarmer MPALPMember for Bulimba
MsL EDonaldson MPALPMember for Bundaberg
MrsJ RMiller MPALPMember for Bundamba
MrD RLast MPLNPMember for Burdekin
MrM JHart MPLNPMember for Burleigh
MrS ABennett MPLNPMember for Burnett
MrR JPyne MPINDMember for Cairns
MrJ WSeeney MPLNPMember for Callide
MrM FMcArdle MPLNPMember for Caloundra
MrD JBrown MPALPMember for Capalaba
MrS JMinnikin MPLNPMember for Chatsworth
MrT JNicholls MPLNPMember for Clayfield
DrM ARobinson MPLNPMember for Cleveland
MrP TWeir MPLNPMember for Condamine
MrW JGordon MPINDMember for Cook
MrW JGordon MPINDMember for Cook
MrM JCrandon MPLNPMember for Coomera
MrsJ AStuckey MPLNPMember for Currumbin
MrSKnuth MPKAPMember for Dalrymple
MrSKnuth MPKAPMember for Dalrymple
MrT LMander MPLNPMember for Everton
HonM LFurner MPALPMember for Ferny Grove
MrS ECramp MPLNPMember for Gaven
MrG JButcher MPALPMember for Gladstone
MrA CPowell MPLNPMember for Glass House
MrJ PKelly MPALPMember for Greenslopes
MrL LMillar MPLNPMember for Gregory
MrL LMillar MPLNPMember for Gregory
MrA JPerrett MPLNPMember for Gympie
MrE JSorensen MPLNPMember for Hervey Bay
MrA PCripps MPLNPMember for Hinchinbrook
HonAPalaszczuk MPALPMember for Inala
MrS AEmerson MPLNPMember for Indooroopilly
MsJ RHoward MPALPMember for Ipswich
MrJ EMadden MPALPMember for Ipswich West
MrS RKing MPALPMember for Kallangur
MrJ PBleijie MPLNPMember for Kawana
MrsB LLauga MPALPMember for Keppel
MrI PRickuss MPLNPMember for Lockyer
MrL PPower MPALPMember for Logan
MsJ EPease MPALPMember for Lytton
MrsJGilbert MPALPMember for Mackay
MrI BWalker MPLNPMember for Mansfield
MsF SSimpson MPLNPMember for Maroochydore
MrB MSaunders MPALPMember for Maryborough
MrR AStevens MPLNPMember for Mermaid Beach
MrJPearce MPALPMember for Mirani
DrC A CRowan MPLNPMember for Moggill
HonM TRyan MPALPMember for Morayfield
HonS JMiles MPALPMember for Mount Coot-tha
MrRKatter MPKAPMember for Mount Isa
MrRKatter MPKAPMember for Mount Isa
MrsTSmith MPLNPMember for Mount Ommaney
MsR MBates MPLNPMember for Mudgeeraba
HonC WPitt MPALPMember for Mulgrave
HonC JO'Rourke MPALPMember for Mundingburra
MrC GWhiting MPALPMember for Murrumba
MrsD KFrecklington MPLNPMember for Nanango
HonP WWellington MPINDMember for Nicklin
MrG WElmes MPLNPMember for Noosa
MsLLinard MPALPMember for Nudgee
MsNBoyd MPALPMember for Pine Rivers
MrR AWilliams MPALPMember for Pumicestone
HonY MD'Ath MPALPMember for Redcliffe
MrM JMcEachan MPLNPMember for Redlands
HonW SByrne MPALPMember for Rockhampton
HonS JHinchliffe MPALPMember for Sandgate
HonJ ATrad MPALPMember for South Brisbane
HonL JSpringborg MPLNPMember for Southern Downs
MrRMolhoek MPLNPMember for Southport
HonM Cde Brenni MPALPMember for Springwood
HonA JLynham MPALPMember for Stafford
MrD APegg MPALPMember for Stretton
MrP SRusso MPALPMember for Sunnybank
MrJ-P HLangbroek MPLNPMember for Surfers Paradise
MrA DHarper MPALPMember for Thuringowa
MrT JWatts MPLNPMember for Toowoomba North
MrD CJanetzki MPLNPMember for Toowoomba South
MrS JStewart MPALPMember for Townsville
MsA MLeahy MPLNPMember for Warrego
MsA MLeahy MPLNPMember for Warrego
HonS MFentiman MPALPMember for Waterford
MrJ NCostigan MPLNPMember for Whitsunday
HonC RDick MPALPMember for Woodridge
HonM CBailey MPALPMember for Yeerongpilly

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