Nick McKim

Has spoken out strongly in favour of secularism.
Voted very strongly against prioritising religious freedom.


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Voted very strongly against prioritising religious freedom

From The Australian

Greens senator Nick McKim stepped up the case to overhaul the Anti-Discrimination Act yesterday, saying churches should lose their exemption from key parts of the law. “The fundamental principle here is that Australians should be treated the same, whether or not they’re of one particular religion or another or whether in fact they’re not ­religious at all,” he told Sky News.

“And if the rest of the country is going to be required by legislation to behave in a particular way and not behave in other particular ways, we think that’s reasonable for the churches as well.”

From The ABC

The Greens have confirmed they will vote against the Government’s move to allow faith-based schools to enrol religious students ahead of others.

Leader Nick McKim, who is also the Education Minister, has tabled a petition in Parliament to have the issue examined by a parliamentary inquiry.

The proposal requires faith-based schools to gain approval from the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner if they want to enrol religious students ahead of others.

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