Kristina Keneally

Defends her right for her political decisions to be influenced by her religious beliefs.
Often critical of the hierarchy of her church.
Islam sympathiser


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Of course my faith influenced my political decisions, as did my gender. So what?
The Guardian
7 September 2015

“Just as it is nonsensical to quantify the extent to which religious belief informs a political career, it is silly to claim that it never does. A person who engages in political activity is obviously shaped by their experiences, values and beliefs.
That certainly includes religion, but can I parse my world view and tell you how much derives from my faith, my female gender, my experience as an immigrant, my role as a mother, the professors who taught me at university, or my time as a factory worker? Of course not. Yes, I believe in Jesus Christ but I am also a disciple of Joseph Stiglitz. Why did no journalist ever ask how much my economic thinking influenced my political decisions?”

Catholicism has done more harm to Australia than Islam. Where’s the outrage?
The Guardian
27 February 2017

“If we are going on a body count the Catholic clergy has done more harm to more Australians than extremist Muslims.”

Kristina Keneally

“In her maiden speech, she talked about her commitment to social justice, equal opportunity for women and her Roman Catholic faith.”

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