Don Farrell

A staunch Catholic, his father was DLP and he is a powerful advocate of conservative ideas.


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The rise and fall of Don Farrell
31 Januray 2014

“Farrell’s political education came via his father – a six-time candidate for the Democratic Labor Party, the party created when the Catholic Right split from the ALP a year after Don was born.”

“While Don Farrell’s father Ted was a DLP candidate on six occasions, Don himself has never been in the party.

He is the leading member of the tight-knit Catholic group that’s spent years despising the Left and taking control of the party.”

“Farrell used the numbers and organisational structures of the union movement to strengthen and stabilise the influence of the Catholic Right in the ALP taking key positions on the ALP State Executive and gathering votes on the party’s conference floor.

“Don Farrell moved briefly into the sunlight when he stood for political office in 1988 in the seat of Adelaide.

He lost and reverted to a behind-the-scenes role and became known as The Pope, a reference to his religious affiliation and power.”

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The Labor MPs who could blow up rebel Liberals’ same-sex marriage plans
2 August 2017

“Other Labor senators known to oppose same-sex marriage are Don Farrell, Alex Gallacher, Chris Ketter and Deborah O’Neill, most of whom have ties to the socially conservative Shoppies union.”

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