David Fawcett

Tried to win amendments to the SSM legislation to allow special religious privileges. A big believer in Religious Freedom


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Was a vocal supporter of amendments to the same sex marriage legislation seeking special privileges for religious belief. Paterson and Fawcett made the case for each amendment, backed up by a group of staunch opponents to same-sex marriage, including Eric Abetz, Ian Macdonald, and Concetta Fierravanti-Wells.

He has been involved in leadership positions at Clovercrest Baptist Church in Modbury North, Adelaide and Tyndale Christian School in Salisbury East, Adelaide.

A nutbag religious group has rated him very highly for his religiosity.

Unheralded religious group Adelaide Arise has printed 100,000 leaflets instructing South Australians on the best way to elect Senators who support the existing definition of marriage.

Spokesman Bill Wright said society has suffered a “spiritual and moral decline” and this was a movement focused on Christian revival.

“In a quantitative and qualitative sense we just thought David was a little bit ahead of Cory Bernardi,” Mr Wright said, adding that Senator Fawcett had spoken at their meeting last week.

From The Conversation:

The likely passage of the Smith bill, unamended, does not end discussion of how marriage equality and religious freedom will interact under Australian law. Conservatives will maintain this debate in coming months as the Government’s panel on religious freedom commences its work.

At the same time, a parliamentary committee is due to report. It has examined freedom of religion issues for the past year. The chair of that committee, Senator David Fawcett, has indicated a likely recommendation for positive protection of religious freedom.

From a transcript of a speech he made at a Freedom17 conference:

You’ve probably all seen the stats about the fact that Christians now are the most persecuted religious group in the world.

… if you have a close look at Australia you also see some disturbing trends. And Mark (Fowler) has identified a few of those, with things like the Charities Commission and just the slow creeping change of societal attitudes, which is becoming less tolerant of people who don’t bear its image and people who dare to be different, and particularly where that difference is based on faith.

… And so the consensus that was achieved in that report was not—as some people have raced out to the media and claimed—a consensus that we should move towards same-sex marriage, but it was a consensus that there were some important things that we agreed on. And one of those was the requirement for religious freedom. There was a consensus that religious freedom was important and it should be protected.

Voted very strongly for prioritising “religious freedom” which “They Vote for You”  described as being someone who believes that the federal government should protect religious freedoms over other rights and freedoms (for example, by giving religious organisations the right to discriminate). https://theyvoteforyou.org.au/policies/198

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