Christian Porter

He looks like he will be leading the charge for a Religious Freedom Act which will no doubt turn out to be a Religious Privilege Act.


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From SBS News

Mr Porter has now dismissed a reported claim by one unnamed MP that he didn’t believe in God and therefore didn’t have a full understanding of the issue.

“I’m not particularly religious but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in God, which probably makes me like a lot of Australians,” Mr Porter told The West Australian on Wednesday.


Attorney-General Christian Porter says one of the re-elected Morrison Government’s first acts will be introducing “religious freedom” legislation to Parliament.

Porter told The West Australian the government would introduce its bill responding to last year’s Ruddock review when parliament returned in the coming months.

“There was enormous concern in religious Australia,” Porter told the publication.

“From schools to churches to groups any way involved in organised religion.

“They were concerned and we saw it become a key issue during the election.”

The Morrison government announced in December it would enact a dedicated Religious Discrimination Act.

Porter told Sky News: “We have anti-discrimination acts based around someone’s attributes being sex, or race, or for Australians with a disability.

“The idea that that can also be done for people of strong religious conviction is something that we promised that we would do.”

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