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Describes herself as a secular Muslim.


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Australia’s first female Muslim MP wants to change 18C race laws to include religion – so it is illegal to insult followers of Islam
29 March 2017
Daily Mail

Anne Aly takes shot at working within politics
1 March 2016

“I am Muslim, but I have a huge commitment to secular democracy, and I don’t believe that religion has a place in politics. So the platform, the image, that I’m projecting here, and who I am, is somebody who believes in secular democracy — and secular, liberal democracy at that. So the fact that I’m Muslim is something that I prefer to keep a private thing, because I practise my religion in private.”

How Anne Aly is fighting the radicalisation of young Muslims
13 June 2015
The Australian

Aly describes herself as a “spiritual Muslim” rather than a devout one (the entire family, including David, visits the mosque once a year during ­Ramadan). But she insists she’s not defending Islam so much as pointing out that extreme ideology of any kind is a problem.

Less than Equal: Secularism, Religious Pluralism and Privilege
Academic Paper by Anne Aly


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