Amanda Stoker

Sexuality is a choice. Pro life. Anti gay student clubs. Pro LGBT discrimination.


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According to The Catholic Leadershe is Anglican.

Liberal senator Amanda Stoker says sexuality is a choice
Out In Perth
24 December 2018

Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker has shared her view that people choose their sexuality.

Senator Stoker says religious protections needed to stop gay student clubs
Out In Perth
4 December 2018

Amanda Stoker said “the concern about removing the protections, without including additional amendments for religious freedoms, was because of the threat of activist parents and activist children. Take for example the situation of a parent or child who wants to be an activist in a religious school. You’ve got a conservative Catholic school and you’ve got a child who wants to run a gay club within the school. That clearly contradicts with Catholic teaching and Catholic schools should have the right to say that’s not within the framework of the values we want for this school.”

Liberal senators dig in as divisions over LGBT students widen
The Guardian
27 November 2018

Liberal senators have refused to agree to the protection of LGBT students from discrimination unless the current legal exemptions are replaced by other protections for religious freedom.

Senator Amanda Stoker, Queensland’s voice for life
The Catholic Leader
6 July 2018

NEW Queensland LNP senator Amanda Stoker predicts “terrible consequences” if euthanasia becomes law, and is determined to stand up in parliament for her pro-life, Christian beliefs and the right to religious freedom.

Voted very strongly for prioritising “religious freedom” which “They Vote for You”  described as being someone who believes that the federal government should protect religious freedoms over other rights and freedoms (for example, by giving religious organisations the right to discriminate).

Speaking to Bible Society Australia’s news site, Stoker said Christian values were under attack and that political opponents were prioritising the human rights of the LGBTIQ community over the “rights to freedom of conscience, religion and speech”.

“Never before have Christian values, and the right to express them freely, been under such attack. This is not political hyperbole.

“The Greens, Labor and many left-leaning independents have made it clear that they prioritise the human rights of some, such as the LGBTI+ community, over other human rights …”


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