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Episode 241- Corporate Power

In this episode, we discuss corporate power in Australia and debunk some myths about risk-taking and innovation in the private sector.

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Episode 240 – Noosa Satanist and Marketing the Messiah

In this episode, I speak to Robin about the Noosa Satanists and Cam about his new movie called Marketing The Messiah.

Here is the link where you can buy tickets to Cam’s film.


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Episode 239 – It’s the economy, stupid

The Left should promote progressive social policies but to win an election it must first convince voters that conservatives have ruined the economy.

PM’s Office says Auditor General is wrong

Wake up, Australia: the government is shattering the rule of law

From Crikey

Whether Morrison and his gang are aware of the damage they are doing is unclear,

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Episode 238 – The Origins of Our Morals

Where do our morals come from?

Some conservatives say we owe a lot to the Judeo-Christian tradition. They say that without it we would not enjoy our wonderful civilisation.

In this episode, the panel examines the origins and merits of our moral codes.

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Episode 237 – “We Were Here First” is not a great argument.

According to Proudhon, all property is either claimed or seized and the argument ” We were here first” is no better than “We are taking this off you”.

Australia Day

See episode 213 for a full discussion of our thoughts on indigenous matters.

If you support the idea of Invasion Day,

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Episode 236 – Bible Study for Atheists

In this episode, we discuss the Bible as a historical document.

Throughout the episode, Trevor refers to a book called Nailed by David Fitzgerald.

Compare Jesus Vs Julius Caesar

The first century is considered one of the best documented periods in ancient history. This raises 2 issues.

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Episode 235 – Return Bushfire Donations and introduce a Wealth Tax

The Bushfire relief donations by the super-wealthy are a cheap alternative to a wealth-tax.

Anti-Scomo rallies

Thousands came out to protest.

The Weekend Australian and The Sunday Mail had nothing while Saturday’s The Courier Mail had a small article tucked away near page 7.

Your uncle Tony has forgiven Scomo and is now pissed that you keep complaining.

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Episode 234 – Bush Fires and Media Bias


In this episode: Bushfires, Media bias, Scomo or Smoko, Fireworks displays, Barnaby Joyce, Media Bias, the NZ volcano and Palace-chook.

The theme of this episode and this podcast for 2020.

Be aware of hidden agendas. Question your sources of information. A lot of people and a lot of media don’t care about the truth.

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Episode 233 – Brexit, the EU and domestic nutters

This is the second half of our discussion with Mark. We discussed Brexit, the EU and some recent Australian political events.

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Episode 232 – From Russia With Love

Mark joins us in the studio. We start by bemoaning the latest draft of the Religious Discrimination Bill and then delve into all things Russian.

The Religious Discrimination Act – 2nd Draft

The new Bill makes it clear the religious organisations may “preference” staff who share their faith,

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