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Episode 253 – Shaeleen interviews Trevor

In this episode, Shaeleen asks Trevor about his life, the podcast and the state of the world today.


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Episode 252 – Free Speech Limits, Murdoch Influence and China’s Democracy

In a series of debates Trevor tries unsuccessfully to convince Paul that free speech should be curtailed when it is dangerous, the ABC should not allow Murdoch journalists any more air time, Greg Sheridan is a fool, Murdoch journalists have to toe the party line or be sacked,

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Episode 251 – Both China and the USA threatened Australia


In the same week, we learned that China threatened us with economic sanctions for wanting a coronavirus inquiry and the USA threatened our alliance if we refused to sign the TPP.

Guess which threat got more publicity.

The Afghanistan War: Australia’s longest running deception

A well-researched article.

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Episode 250 – Anzac Day 2020

In this episode, I present a secular Anzac Day ceremony for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own driveway.

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Episode 249 – Freedom is just another word for – I need to eat

According to The Fist, many Americans are demanding the freedom to work because they are broke and they know that no-one is going to help them.

Why Does Trevor Bang on about America

Because it is more interesting. When an authoritarian regime like China fucks people it’s just plain obvious.

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Episode 248 – Does the Abrahamic God exist?

In this episode, Hugh Harris and Matthew Su debate the existence of the Abrahamic God.


After the podcast, Matthew kindly provided a transcript of his opening 10-minute address.

The ‘Cosmological Argument’- a non-technical presentation

Good evening!


I’d like to thank our host,

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Episode 247 – Secularism, Assisted Dying and China

Unfortunately, the audio quality of this episode is not up to our usual standard.

If you haven’t listened to us before, please check out the earlier episodes to get a feel for our normal standards.

In this episode, we speak to Peter Monk about secularism.

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Episode 246 – Dr Steven Hail explains currency and deficits

The Morrison government has announced a massive spending program and many Australians may be asking if we can afford it.

This podcast will answer that question.

We begin the podcast with an interview with Dr Steven Hail. Steven is a modern monetary theory (MMT) economist and in the interview we discuss:

  • Why the budget of our federal government (as an issuer of currency) should not be compared to a household or business budget.

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Episode 245 – COVID-19 revives the idea of the common good

Massive Changes in Society are coming because … we now know there is such a thing as society. The common good is important.

Left-wing socialist ideas are suddenly in vogue.

I previously said Australia won’t change till it feels some pain. Well, we will experience plenty of pain over the next 2 years.

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Episode 244 – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In this episode, we touch elbows on COVID-19.

Facts from the ABC

Morrison  his poll numbers are up

Politicians love a disaster that they can’t be blamed for. Newspoll shows Morrison is up 3% and Albanese is down 3%. This after a disastrous sports rorts affair.

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