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Episode 247 – Secularism, Assisted Dying and China

In this episode, we speak to Peter Monk about secularism. We then speak to Deep Throat about assisted dying in Qld. And then we finish with an argument as to how we should view China’s role in the COVID-19 crisis.

Secular News
Peter Monk from the NSL joins us
Cardinal Pell

The judges were not biased but perceptions matter.

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Episode 246 – Dr Steven Hail explains currency and deficits

The Morrison government has announced a massive spending program and many Australians may be asking if we can afford it.

This podcast will answer that question.

We begin the podcast with an interview with Dr Steven Hail. Steven is a modern monetary theory (MMT) economist and in the interview we discuss:

  • Why the budget of our federal government (as an issuer of currency) should not be compared to a household or business budget.

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Episode 245 – COVID-19 revives the idea of the common good

Massive Changes in Society are coming because … we now know there is such a thing as society. The common good is important.

Left-wing socialist ideas are suddenly in vogue.

I previously said Australia won’t change till it feels some pain. Well, we will experience plenty of pain over the next 2 years.

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Episode 244 – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In this episode, we touch elbows on COVID-19.

Facts from the ABC

Morrison  his poll numbers are up

Politicians love a disaster that they can’t be blamed for. Newspoll shows Morrison is up 3% and Albanese is down 3%. This after a disastrous sports rorts affair.

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Episode 243 – Frank Jordan

In this episode, we speak to Frank Jordan about his campaign to become the next Lord Mayor of Brisbane.

Frank Jordan

Candidate for Lord Mayor of Brisbane.

Coronavirus and the Economy

After the 2019 election, we did say that it might have been a good election to lose.

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Episode 242 – Bettina Arndt and other Milkshake Ducks

In this episode, we catch up on news and political events from the last few weeks.


It doesn’t look good.

From the Michael West blog.

Saudi Arabia stops Mecca pilgrimage, Japan shuts its schools, 80 per cent of Chinese exports are on lock down. 

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Episode 241- Corporate Power

In this episode, we discuss corporate power in Australia and debunk some myths about risk-taking and innovation in the private sector.

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Episode 240 – Noosa Satanist and Marketing the Messiah

In this episode, I speak to Robin about the Noosa Satanists and Cam about his new movie called Marketing The Messiah.

Here is the link where you can buy tickets to Cam’s film.


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Episode 239 – It’s the economy, stupid

The Left should promote progressive social policies but to win an election it must first convince voters that conservatives have ruined the economy.

PM’s Office says Auditor General is wrong

Wake up, Australia: the government is shattering the rule of law

From Crikey

Whether Morrison and his gang are aware of the damage they are doing is unclear,

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Episode 238 – The Origins of Our Morals

Where do our morals come from?

Some conservatives say we owe a lot to the Judeo-Christian tradition. They say that without it we would not enjoy our wonderful civilisation.

In this episode, the panel examines the origins and merits of our moral codes.

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