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Episode 262 – Cancel Culture

In this episode, we discuss Kanye, Elon Musk, Hong Kong, The Himalayas and Hillsong before eventually getting around to cancel culture and JK Rowling.

Let’s start with a positive story

From ABC news

I was unsure what we nurses would experience at Melbourne’s public housing towers,

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Episode 261 – Victorian Shutdown and Branch Stacking


Back to square 1.

Soviet-style public housing.

What is it with hairdressers?

From The Conversation

States are shutting their borders to stop coronavirus. Is that actually allowed?

Movement of people and goods across state borders in Australia is guaranteed by the Constitution. 

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Episode 260 – 5 Years of Podcasting

Today we briefly celebrate 5 years of podcasting and then move on to discuss contemporary topics.

Who are we?

Paul, a bike riding music loving libertarian English Teacher, with a keen interest in Japan and China who is looking for love and as elder statesman of our group he represents the Baby Boomers.

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Episode 259 – The Jakarta Method

In this episode, Trevor does a solo review of a new book called The Jakarta Method by Vincent Bevins.


For 70 years we have been subjected to pro US propaganda. They won the war, they helped the countries they defeated, they defeated communism and they encouraged the world to pursue freedom and democracy.

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Episode 258 – Grassroots Censorship

In this episode, we discuss indigenous spokespersons, grassroots censorship and Scott Morrison’s latest cock-ups.

Feedback from Last Week

From Graeme (Who is a patron)

Disappointed that you indulged in a popular pastime of white fellas, of making sweeping generalisations about Australian Aboriginals without actually involving an Australian Aboriginal.

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Episode 257 – Black Lives Matter in Australia

In this episode, we look at indigenous incarceration in Australian and the recent protests.

Our Spiked Discussion

OK, Trevor was wrong to say Spiked is funded by the Koch brothers and should have said Spiked has received donations from the Koch brothers.

Prepare to be challenged

Dear Left leaning friends.

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Episode 256 – American Riots and Covid-19 Shutdowns


What’s Wrong with America by The Relatives live at The Bell House

George Floyd.

A summary

America is still lynching black men. Except now they use their knees and the people doing are police in broad daylight. Imagine what goes on behind closed doors.

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Episode 255 – China China China

Due to history and culture, the Chinese think differently to us. In this episode, we look at the background events and influences that have shaped the Chinese.

Why do a podcast on China?

From John Menadue blog

Recent articles in Pearls and Irritations,

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Episode 254 – Trade Sanctions and Forseeable Harm

This Morrison government knows nothing about business, diplomacy or democracy.

This is getting serious now

This hopeless Morrison government fucked up the Covid 19 economic rescue (money to companies without asking if they are in trouble, big money to job seeker which encouraged employers to sack employees and then big money to job keeper but too late (employees already sacked) and job keeper is paid in arrears so cashflow makes it unworkable),

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Episode 253 – Shaeleen interviews Trevor

In this episode, Shaeleen asks Trevor about his life, the podcast and the state of the world today.


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