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Episode 166 – Needy Private Schools, Free Will and Other Myths – an Australian Podcast

We start out with a shout out to Wilks and Tim and then launch into a discussion about government funding of private schools in Australia. If you want a private system, then you should fund 100% yourself. It is no surprise that Scott Morrison has thrown money at the private school sector.

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Letters to The Editor – September 2018

In episode 165 we called on our listeners to write letters to the editors of major Australian newspapers to let Scott Morrison know we reject his call for laws to allow even more religious privilege.

Here are some of the letters that were submitted and we have added a notation if they were published.

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Episode 165 – Morrison is testing the waters of religious privilege

Scott Morrison has tested his religious agenda on Sky News, The 7:30 Report, 2GB and The New York Times. We should all be worried.

3:17 Morrison on Sky News

So a school should be able to sack a teacher for immoral un-Christian behaviour but a Board or a professional partnership should not be able to sack a member for Christian bigotry.

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Episode 164 – The crazy left attacks Bandt but supports Serena

The Left has no moral compass. It attacked Adam Bandt for admiring his hot wife but supported the disgraceful behaviour of Serena Williams.

3:08 His hot wife gets Adam Bandt into hot water

Here are some of the comments:

Katred Stave –

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Episode 163 – The Demise of the Nation State

Money shuffling by multi-nationals has left sovereign states powerless.

2:38 The Fist appeared on The Bullshit Filter

6:13 Apparently, we are not allowed to poke fun at the religious belief of our Prime Minister

10:11 Gay conversion therapy is on the nose

14:30 Reason Party meeting –

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