Episode 152 – Confessions, Christians and Treadmills

Catholic Priests consider themselves above the law and Christians continue their takeover of the Liberal Party.

1:15 The Fist bags soccer

4:50 Trump and child concentration camps.

19:53 Meredith should thank us for improved fitness levels

20:40 Sniff Off to the rescue

28:32 Church to uphold the sanctity of confession but the Greens want the Catholic Church taxed if it ignores the law.

32:31 In a sworn affidavit which he made public, McArdle stated he had confessed to sexually assaulting children 1500 times to 30 different priests over a 25-year period in face-to-face confessions.

34:50 Evangelical Christians step up abortion clinic protests in Queensland

42:06 Should we ban fake Aboriginal art?

48:08 The growing influence of evangelical Christians within WA Liberal Party and Liberal Party members vote to privatise ABC and move Australia’s Israel embassy to Jerusalem

55:27 James has got Kevin on board

58:39 Aussie sport teams ‘screaming out’ for pastoral care leads to a discussion about dominionism.

1:06:37 Scott Morrison encourages states to let the private sector run schools and hospitals

1:10:59 Freedom for Faith – The Fist makes a comment and requests a debate.

1:14:06 Hanif Kureishi steps into row over Lionel Shriver’s diversity comments

Kenan Malik on the Shriver controversy

1:21:32 A selection of Hardbottom

4 comments on “Episode 152 – Confessions, Christians and Treadmills
  1. Karin says:

    A quick note about the Trump separation thing.

    It’s a huge mess, but Trump hasn’t changed the law or the policy on removing children – the facility to remove children to detention in the absence of a parent (unaccompanied minor) or the absence of a parent ‘available to care for them’ (and a parent who has been charged and detained is then ‘absent’) has existed in the law since Clinton signed it into action.

    The difference is that former presidents had a ‘catch and release’ policy for illegal aliens – so the parents were caught and then released with their children, pending their asylum claims. Of course, that doesn’t stop them going rogue and vanishing. Trump, rather than release them, has detained and charged them with a misdemeanour crime of illegally crossing the border. Because they have been charged, they are then detained, which means the children are removed because the parents aren’t ‘available’ to care for them. So my understanding is that not all children have been removed, only those whose parents have been charged and the policy was not really designed to take children but to charge adults as a deterrent. Unaccompanied minors have been detained for years, pending sponsorship/foster car placements, because you can’t put minors in with border crossers who might be crims or gang members.

    So, it is a more complex issue than ‘Hitler Trump taking away babies to concentration camps’ as some of the media likes to suggest. Nevertheless, it is wrong, breaches human rights and absolutely needs to be addressed so that at the very least parents and children can be detained together while applications are processed. I have heard that Trump just stopped it (usually congress would be required to change the law) but Trump signed an executive order.

    As for pulling out of the UN. I think the UN is a mess and the HRC especially. When you put Saudi Arabia chair the UNHRC you know it is lost. The OIC is the largest voting bloc (57 Islamic nations) and has the UN by the nose, and has for years, hence the constant resolutions about Israel. The refugee program is badly broken and has been for decades. It is serving the interests of a very small number of nation states and that shouldn’t be the case.

    So … basically Trump, still a moron who hasn’t thought things through but not Hitler (and the media hyerbole isn’t helping). The UN, a joke that I think Australia should remove itself from too if we can’t dissolve the blocs that are preventing progress, TBH. Lionel Shriver, 100% right and it drives me batty that the publishing industry has swallowed identity politics hook, line and sinker.

    • Karin says:

      I should not that the media hand-wringing is a bit the same as it was here. There were more children in our detention centres under Rudd and Gillard’s labour governments than under Abbot or Turnbull’s LNP governments and despite that the Australian HRC waited to publish it’s damming report until after the election, and the media heavily publicised it as the heartless attitude of Dutton and the LNP, ignoring that offshore detention was originally a labor policy and that more people were detained under Labor governments.

      So, while I think it is absolutely heartbreaking to see any kids separated from their parents, we need to look at it objectively enough to see that in some cases, if authorities couldn’t be certain these kids were related (e.g. human trafficking) or in cases where it was too dangerous to keep kids in the same centres as adult crims (or unknowns who have no documentation at all), then they have to be removed for their own safety just as goverments remove neglected kids or kids at risk of abuse from their parents in western democracies daily. However, if it is just that the parents’ asylum application is wanting, then at least one parent should be able to be housed with the children over that application period.

      Very often, I think the frenzy the media whips up is not productive and does little to solve actual problems, preferring moral outrage that doesn’t address all of the issues and results in equally kneejerk responses and hyperbole of the Godwin’s law variety. Trump’s making poor decisions with terrible consequences, but to suggest that this is one goosestep away from planned genocide is somewhat hysterical.

  2. blank The Iron Fist says:

    Thanks Karin. As always, good comments.

  3. blank Bronwyn Benn says:

    Hi guys, thanks as always for your excellent and thought-provoking podcast.

    Your discussion of the evangelical takeover of the Liberal Party was very interesting and relevant. Many of us here in Victoria are very concerned about what is happening, because it represents a shift to the extreme right which we haven’t seen before, as the Victorian Liberals have traditionally been very moderate. I’d like to see this issue discussed more publicly and more often, so that people better understand what they might be getting if they vote Liberal.

    The particular issue I wanted to comment on was the issue of elected representatives purporting to represent the Church and/or their personal religious views as MPs. You’re correct in suggesting that the current takeover comes straight from the US Tea Party playbook, however that aspect is nothing new. For as long as I can remember, many MPs in Australia have unilaterally decided that they are free to represent their own conscience, as opposed to the known views of their electorate. The classic example is Tony Abbott opposing marriage equality when over 70% of people in his electorate were known to support it. However, there are many other examples in recent history.

    I’m not arguing that MPs are not allowed to have their own views, or that they shouldn’t bring their own life experiences to their work. But I think it is time for MPs to be given a strong message that, in a secular democracy, the role of MPs is to represent their electorates, not to indulge their personal views and beliefs. They have almost always been elected as a party representative, rather than because people want to see a religionist in Parliament. However, I don’t see how they can be held accountable other than for the public to make the choice to vote them out at the next election. Given that people tend to vote along party lines, this seems an ineffective solution to the problem, and the problem itself will only grow as more religious candidates are preselected by the Liberal Party in particular.

    I’d be interested in knowing your thoughts on this.

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