Episode 149 – The N Word, Pirates and The Noble Savage

We discuss the N word, the surprisingly civilised nature of pirate society, the dangers posed by robots and we and examine the interaction between discrimination and culture.


1:06 The number of Canberrans choosing to end their lives with voluntary euthanasia could grow to 65 a year in the next decade if assisted dying is legalised, an ACT parliamentary inquiry has heard.

2:39 Ray Martin says the N-word during the Royal Wedding. Kendrick Lamar’s Onstage Outrage: Why Rap Should Retire the N-Word for Good

You can’t have a blanket ban on a text because they are used for all sorts of purposes that have nothing to do with inciting violence. Intention and context matter.

21:48 Roseanne, the top new  show of the TV season, was cancelled by the American ABC network on Tuesday in the wake of star Roseanne Barr making a racial slur on social media about a member of the Obama administration.

25:10     From episode 100 – Trump can’t block people from his Twitter account and the result is in.

35:52 Pirate ethics

44:00 John Hewson see inter-generational theft

44:51 Should We Fear the Robot Revolution? (The Correct Answer is Yes)

Among millennials, 45% said automation would improve and support their work, 27% said it would have no effect, 18% said it would replace at least a part of their job, and 10% didn’t know.

Among Generation Z, 32% were positive, 24% were negative and 31% thought it would have no impact.

It’s Time for Technology to Serve all Humankind with Unconditional Basic Income

55:31 How Canada’s Cult of the Noble Savage Harms Its Indigenous Peoples

‘Indigenous Ways of Knowing’: Magical Thinking and Spirituality by Any One Name

A Victorian treaty with First Nations Peoples?


One comment on “Episode 149 – The N Word, Pirates and The Noble Savage
  1. Mike Lockhart says:

    I am feed up with hearing (reading) about all these ho so sensitive matters I can’t look left I can’t look right I am not allowed to say NIGGER! Oops I mean the “n” word, will I be boiled in oil, will I skinned alive will I burn in hell oh what terrible fate awaits me??? well what a lot of BULLSHIT, I worked with an Aboriginal man who often seid to me “this little nigger is going to the pub, want to come” this was long before “nigger” became unfashionable,

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