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Episode 149 – The N Word, Pirates and The Noble Savage

We discuss the N word, the surprisingly civilised nature of pirate society, the dangers posed by robots and we and examine the interaction between discrimination and culture.


1:06 The number of Canberrans choosing to end their lives with voluntary euthanasia could grow to 65 a year in the next decade if assisted dying is legalised,

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Episode 148 – English Weddings and English Signs

We discuss the test case against School Chaplains and The Fist identifies a possible problem. We give you a different take on the Royal Wedding ceremony and Hugh and The 12th Man gang up against The Fist over English signs and banning books that incite violence.

A legal challenge to School Chaplains

Ruddock review delivers final report to government,

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Episode 147 – Was Karl Marx Right?

We continue on from episode 146 with a discussion on courtroom attire, migration numbers in Europe and the prescience of Karl Marx.

Yanis Varoufakis: Marx predicted our present crisis – and points the way out



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Episode 146 – Young People Should Be Protesting

The 2018 Budget is the latest example of Baby Boomers screwing the younger generations.

Churches exempted from apprentice fund payments

Only 6 per cent of taxpayers face the top rate

Mormons are getting involved in the Liberal Party

People who don’t believe in God,

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Episode 145 – Cameron Reilly on Culture, Immigration and Free Will.

This episode features a lively discussion with podcast legend Cameron Reilly as we discuss culture, immigration and free will.

The links:

Was Scott Intolerant or Culturally Insensitive when talking about “no handshake no citizenship“?

Cultural Imperialism nonsense from our last show when we discussed this article from Spiked

Free Will and Luck

Here is a link to Cameron’s podcasts

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