Episode 143 – Trump, Falou, Martin Luther King Junior, Malcolm X and Hardbottom

This week we discuss the ethics of bombing Syria, transgender weightlifting, a divisive footballer seeking inclusive treatment, Anzac Day, an Orwellian future has arrived in China, secret religious business, Martin Luther King Junior, Malcolm X and Landon Hardbottom.

1:18 Our views on Syria plus Trump’s opinion on Syria from 2013. How Syria came to this

15:10 A transgender weightlifter

20:51 Israel Falou – You cannot be Krygios and Freedom For Faith is not happy. He used to be a Mormon. Now he’s a Pentecostal. If properly mentored, he might in time abandon the narrow, toxic version of Christianity into which he has currently chosen to straitjacket himself. He might change gods again.

31:12 Virtues

35:48 Anzac Day – keep your programmes

46:05 A Chinese social credit system is straight out of a science fiction novel

51:58 And Chinese facial recognition spots man in a crowd

56:39 China bans online Bible sales but you can buy them from Churches

58:26 Catholic Robocalling

1:01:20 A Japan bot is to blame

1:05:54 Landon Hardbottom

1:09:10 Indigenous religion not protected, ANU academic tells Ruddock review

1:11:36 Oh Fuck, the TPP is back

1:12:10 Yassmin got deported for not having a work visa and blames identity.

1:15:36 The assassination of Katie Hopkins

1:18:34 Martin Luther Vs Malcolm X

1:20:28 From Ms McIntosh – Hi guys, many thanks for your podcast which I have just discovered. I am looking forward to exploring the back catalogue. It’s great to hear Australian voices doing such a podcast. One thing though – it’s a bit blokey. Ever thought of having some women on?

1:22:10 Australia is a low tax country


1:24:27 But here is the problem


4 comments on “Episode 143 – Trump, Falou, Martin Luther King Junior, Malcolm X and Hardbottom
  1. Brett Jones says:

    Hi there guys
    Thanks for another great episode. Can I add an alternate opinion about taxation though?

    I wonder if reframing how we talk and think about taxation may help our conversations about it. If you are being taxed at 50% then half your time is “Working for the government”. Really? Could we not think of it as working to improve roads, schools, hospitals, social services, police etc. It is not the government that gets it all, but our society as a whole is improved. And anyway, it is only the top PART of the salary that is taxed at 50%, not all of it.

    I think people get too angry at the idea that some money goes to “dole bludgers”. The “bludgers” make up a small minority of those who are on welfare, the rest are people doing it tough who need a hand. I personally get the shits more about my tax going to Apple, BP and other massive corporations (Adani anyone?) to bribe them to keep businesses here so they will employ people.

    In the end though, it is your employer who actually hands over money to the government, you never actually get the amount that is going to tax. Do people really think that if the government stopped taxing personal income that businesses would suddenly go “Hey, let’s give that huge bucket of money to our employees!” No, they would simply cut your pay to what you were working for after the tax was taken out. And take the profit to those small island tax shelters.

    That is my thoughts. Is that argumentative enough to be considered an alternate view to yours? Sorry I am not female though 🙂


    • The Iron Fist says:

      Thanks Brett. I’ll reply in the next episode.

    • blank Greg B says:

      I just want to add a couple of you argued that people are paying 50% tax and said income tax should be capped at 50% insinuating that some people pay more.

      This is a tired old argument that needs to die.
      The highest tax bracket is only 45% and our scaled tax system means even if your earning $1m you’re still only paying 42%.

      Don’t forget there’s a loophole for many people where they just create a business around themselves and then the business is only charged 30% saving them 12% of their $1m.

  2. blank Greg B says:

    I want to thank you guys for introducing me to ‘And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda’. That was a very moving song.

    Your complaints about the religiosity of the modern ANZAC day service reminded me of the Gallipoli Centenary Service a few years ago.
    After having to listen to the classic “there are no Atheists in fox holes” speech from some preacher a pair of school children took the stage to read letter written home from WWI service men.
    It couldn’t have played out any better.
    The first letter was detailing the deviation of towns after battle.
    The eery feeling of people’s empty homes made all the worse by the crucifixes on the walls.
    But he supposed they would be comforting to someone “if they were in for that sort of thing”

    I couldn’t help myself from letting out a quiet but ordable chuckle at what would have gone over most people’s heads.

    I would love to know if anyone else has Australian war songs(anti war songs would be good too) they wanted to share. Khe Sanh is the most obvious one that comes to mind.

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