Episode 141 – Feedback from Hardbottom and Janelle

The usual collection of religious news stories plus some great listener feedback.

1:50 Good news- there is no Hell

5:11 Maybe that is why there is a need for more exorcisms

7:15 A Good Friday stunt that was not good

12:55 Bible Society text messages

14:10 The apostle Paul even admitted this, arguing that if the resurrection of Christ was a hoax, then the Christian faith is a pathetic joke.

20:38 Facebook feuds over Scientology case

29:10 Tax reform for artists

35:52 Check out the submissions to the Ruddock panel

39:32 Kenan Malik – what replaces religion?

42:48 Landon Hardbottom gives feedback

50:34 Reflections on Chris Lambe, the rejection of legalism and connection to virtue ethics.

57:38 We return to the witch doctor story. Janelle has great feedback.

1:01:06 Thanks Patrons

1:03:21 East Vs West – personal freedom Vs collective responsibility

1:12:44 Are you ready? This is all the data Facebook and Google have on you1:

1:16:50 A Nazi pug dog and Jonathon Pie’s response


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