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Episode 144 – Anzac Day Review and Breastfeeding Advice From a Male.

Topics include Anzac Day, Syrian chemical attacks, strange names, how to buy a gun, citizenship handshakes, Halal, Kosher and breastfeeding advice from a privileged white male.

1:03 How was your Anzac Day?

10:20 According to some ‘Anzac Day is bullshit. It’s a Trojan Horse for racism,

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Episode 143 – Trump, Falou, Martin Luther King Junior, Malcolm X and Hardbottom

This week we discuss the ethics of bombing Syria, transgender weightlifting, a divisive footballer seeking inclusive treatment, Anzac Day, an Orwellian future has arrived in China, secret religious business, Martin Luther King Junior, Malcolm X and Landon Hardbottom.

1:18 Our views on Syria plus Trump’s opinion on Syria from 2013. 

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Episode 142 – Rehashing some old ideas

This podcast is a waste of time if you already know about asabiyya, Islamic retconning, how democracy fails, Malik’s theories of multiculturalism, Lebanon, the problems with a Bill of Rights and who gets into Heaven.

1:09 Asabiyya

11:11 Retcon

14:24 Does democracy work?

23:07 Our Hillsong excursion

35:12 What is Multiculturalism

45:20 Who gets into Heaven?

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Episode 141 – Feedback from Hardbottom and Janelle

The usual collection of religious news stories plus some great listener feedback.

1:50 Good news- there is no Hell

5:11 Maybe that is why there is a need for more exorcisms

7:15 A Good Friday stunt that was not good

12:55 Bible Society text messages

14:10 The apostle Paul even admitted this,

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