Episode 139 – Chris Lambe of New Creation Church

The Iron Fist talks to Chris Lambe of the New Creation Church about faith and Jesus Christ.

In the podcast, Trevor refers to a study proving that prayer is harmful rather than beneficial. Here is the link.

3 comments on “Episode 139 – Chris Lambe of New Creation Church
  1. Noel Hamilton says:

    Hi, I did not enjoy this podcast, the speaker from the church just spewed the same diatribe as every other religious nut, he did not seem to know his religion that well, it was somewhat torturous to.
    I listen to these podcasts to hear critical debate of religion not to get a sympathetic view of their perspective.
    best regards Noel.

  2. blank Janelle Carter says:

    I have to disagree with the previous commentator I found the conversation really interesting. The emphasis on grace and righteousness rather than morality is very different to the Catholicism I grew up in. Chris’s justifications were very weak at times but I’m glad you didn’t get bogged down with arguing as the two of you were never going to agree anyway. Better to cover lots of ground and learn about their beliefs whilst gently pushing back to discover how they can possibly justify it to themselves despite an overwhelming lack of any evidence in their favour.

    I’d love to hear more guest episodes like this with different groups – it would be fascinating to hear the justifications you would get from a prosperity gospel or a dominionist believer. Ex-believers of fringe / fundamentalist groups are also really interesting to hear from. Ex-believers with a bit of an online following are also more likely to generate interest in the podcast with likeminded people, whereas I don’t see any of Chris’ flock becoming regular listeners!

    Perhaps you could title the guest episodes differently to the regular “news and views” episodes so that regular listeners who prefer the latter can easily identify them. (e.g. see how The Godless Spellchecker podcast does a monthly news and views episode called ‘Taking the Myth’ and also has guest episodes)

    Love the episodes, keep them coming!

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