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Episode 132 – Satirical Satanists, Humanism, Sugar and Historical Context

We discuss a satirical satanist, humanism, the merits of a sugar tax and ancient Australian history in 92 minutes of podcast commentary.

1:10 Regarding the Ruddock Panel, we discuss a submission by Bernard Gaynor and the satirical submission of The Fist

15:07 Do we need Australia Day honours?

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The Iron Fist Submission to the Ruddock Panel

To the Ruddock Panel

Thank you for the opportunity to make this submission.

As a member of the Satan Worshippers of Australia (SWA) I have for a long time been very concerned by the lack of protection for my religious freedom.

As Satanists, we follow a code of rebellion against undeserved authority.

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Episode 131 – Australia Day, Finland and Raju Singh

Somehow this podcast combines Australia Day, constitutional law, an apology to Finland, religion bashing, an Indian submariner, Adam Smith, Scientology, red frogs, milkshake duck and the Human Development Indicator into a compelling 79 minutes of Australian Podcast Gold.

1:06 Australia Day – A potted history presented by the 12th Man.

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Episode 130 – Racism, The Urban Elite and MeToo

The 12th Man joins the podcast so 3 white men can discuss racism, #MeToo, immigration and cervixes.

1:35 The Greens want to change the date for Australia Day but they haven’t offered an alternative date. The Fist says it will all be fixed when we become a Republic but that will probably offend monarchists.

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Episode 129 – Cruel schools, betting against Trump and a cow called Freezer

The only Australian podcast to expose unconscionable religious schools, speak ill of Flo Bjelke-Petersen and explore gambling options involving Donald Trump.

1:36 Public submissions to the Ruddock panel may be kept secret from the public. There is no good reason for this. We need to know what information may have have influenced the panel and we need to know if such statements were true,

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Episode 128 – Book Burning, Pirates and Dangerous Bubbles

The only Australian podcast to successfully combine book burning, wind farm safety, pirates and bubbles into a compelling 80 minute explanation of recent events in Australia and the direction we are heading.

2:46 Scott Morrison is as mad as hell about the mocking of Christians and he is not going to take it anymore.

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