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Episode 181 – Highlights from February 2018

Here are the highlights from February 2018.

0:40 Should vaccinations be compulsory

13:43 Further discussion about government compulsion

28:54 Kenan Malik on philosophers

35:45 USA assholes

39:12 Han Tu on Indonesia and China and our ability to repel an invasion.

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Episode 180B – Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas from Fist, Glove and 12th.

This bonus Christmas day episode has nothing to do with Christmas and simply includes our discussions from episode 135 with Brett and Matt.

We really enjoyed these discussions so if you would like to record a podcast with us,

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Episode 180 – Highlights from January 2018

We present the highlights of the Iron Fist Velvet Glove Podcast from January 2018.

1:38 Pirate Theory

9:17 Our economy is a house of cards

31:38 Command and Control

38:22 Flo is dead

43:40 GST causes a split in Aboriginal people

46:41 Singaporean organ donation scheme

50:22 Malik on the working class as a descriptor

53:50 The Greens ignore workers

59:46 An open letter to Stan Grant

1:05:42 Morgan Freeman on Black History Month

1:11:26 Indian submariners

1:13:25 Milkshake Duck

1:15:51 National days

1:21:17 Marion Maddox

1:23:25 Raju Singh wants to feel the wind in his hair

1:26:05 Adam Smith on the corruption of the market

1:28:29 Psycho Chicken

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Episode 179 – An ill-tempered mule that kicks innocent children

The Ruddock Report is morally and ethically flawed from beginning to end. It was conceived the bastard offspring of two different animals, the father being the Right Wing horse of the Liberal Party and which forced itself on the weakened mother, the moderate donkey in the same herd. It was then nurtured on a steady diet of religious freedom propaganda by a panel stacked with theists.

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Episode 178 – Forget boats, they come by plane now.

It was Rudd not Morrison who stopped the boats and the big problem now is arrivals by plane. And we discuss “consent” in the context of sub-incision, virgin births and Noam Chomsky.

1:45 The Fist Was Wrong

Hi Trevor,

Thanks for the excellent episodes recently. The lively discussions and sensible centrism send you to the top of my playlist each week!

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Episode 177 – A Pandora’s Box of Religious Privilege

The Ruddock Inquiry has opened up a Pandora’s box of religious privilege.

The debate about expelling gay students has now widened to include criticism of teaching anti-gay religious doctrine.

1:24 We Won A Podcast Award

It was a small field but a win is a win.

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Episode 176 – A parasite is feeding on the Liberal Party

It’s too late for the Liberal Party.  The religious right is a parasite which has taken over the Liberal Party and will feed on the host until they both die.

1:33 A Big Win for the Andrews Government

What have we learned from the result?

Andrews wants to build infrastructure,

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Episode 175 – Brexit, Amazon and Unusual Characters

In this episode, we discuss Brexit, Baby Boomers, delivery methods for Corporate Fascism, a limbless preacher, an atheist preacher, the lucky country, Scomo nonsense, a cybersecurity minister who has never used a computer, a 69 year old man who identifies as 49 and a man who identified as Native American only to find out he is Chinese.

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Episode 174 – Freedom For Faith

If there is a lesson to be learned from this episode it is “Don’t record a podcast in the kitchen of a Mexican restaurant”. Particularly when they are closing up for the night.

Seriously, the audio is bad and you should not listen to this episode but if you do,

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Episode 173 – Morrison is a fair dinkum drongo

Our fair dinkum Aussie podcast would like to swap the blithering idiot Scomo for an evil genius.

Qantas is facing calls to match Virgin’s decision to give priority boarding to war veterans and salute them before take-off.

3:05 Oh FFS!

Qantas is facing calls to match Virgin’s decision to give priority boarding to war veterans and salute them before take-off.

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