Episode 126 – Tax, Kebab Shops and Sex with a Ghost

Episode 126 – Tax, Kebab Shops and Sex with a Ghost

Sit back and relax as we weave tax theory, kebab shops and sex with a ghost into a compelling review of the last 7 days.
0:59 There are a lot of big companies paying little or no tax. Multinational companies shift income overseas to tax havens. The Fist wants to buy a phone from a company which pays appropriate tax but it’s not possible. The USA is introducing massive tax cuts which will cripple their economy and Malcolm Turnbull stupidly thinks we need to follow suit. Any business which is relying on tax rates to determine its domicile will avoid both Australia and the USA and go somewhere with almost zero tax. Retailers like Zara and Apple will come here no matter what the tax rate just to access our wealthy market. Any reduction will simply help local companies (like our banks) who cannot easily shift profits overseas. Studies have shown that the extra money is simply pocketed by the shareholders and no extra investment results. We need to attract businesses who value lifestyle and a low risk of being shot on the way to the cinema and who are willing to pay more tax for those benefits.
15:01 How can a political party get away with favouring the top 1%. Why doesn’t the democratic process kick in to get rid of these guys? Why do the other 99% allow it to happen? Martin Wolf says you need 3 things. The first is intellectuals who promote the debunked trickle down effect. The second is an elite class who control the political process. The third is a divide and conquer approach to the lower classes. Identity politics is playing a key role in that third component.
22:30 “What time does your kebab shop open?”. Is this racist or just stereotyping? Is it actually a compliment? The Fist argues that it is harmless stereotyping but the people complaining have insulted kebab shop owners by saying kebab shop owning is derogatory.
28:06 Should Milo Yiannopoulos be forced to pay a special fee to the Victorian police force due to the protests at his event? We say no.
32:46 An aboriginal women writes about the apocalypse which befell her people without mentioning her other ancestors were responsible. The 12th Man questions the use of the word “civilisation”.
41:34 Sex with a ghost.
44:02 The IFVG secular index is coming along and we discuss a few statistics from the Senate.
48:36 Cakeshop dilemma feedback. The Fist finds support in the Greek financial crisis for his argument about the importance of dignity. Matt and Ken think signs in shops will perhaps solve the problem but The Fist disagrees and The 12th Man admits to doubts.
1:03:04 Our podcast posts have time stamps so you can easily share relevant parts or you can fast forward past the boring bits.
1:04:33 “The best thing about oral sex from David Leyonhjelm – 5 minutes of silence.”
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