Episode 125 – Chicken breeding, tattoos and cake shops

Episode 125 – Chicken breeding, tattoos and cake shops

The only podcast that can successfully combine chicken breeding, tattoos, cakeshops and politics in one compelling episode.

1:11 The IFVG Secular Index ranks our Federal politicians according to their commitment to secular policies. The same-sex marriage debate has flushed out the non-secular opinions of some of our political leaders.

10:18 The Fist argues that a chicken breeding exercise provides a useful analogy to American society.

19:56 Good tattoos and bad tattoos.

29:56 The USA suffers from well funded Christian legal groups and the ACL is starting something similar here.

36:26 Our latest and possibly final cakeshop debate and the merits of religious freedom claims for special exemptions to allow discrimination.

58:21 Indigenous cultural appropriation and the original sin of non-aboriginals and the hazy question of who qualifies as aboriginal.

1:20:45 Deep Throat questions our statements on homeschooling.

1:26:01 Drinking wine in prison.

The Links

Who voted and how?

Wine ban relaxed for prison church services

 Indigenous cultural appropriation: what not to do Champagne or Sparkling Wine?

Australia’s original sin http://marker.to/76a5LW

The Christian Legal Army Behind ‘Masterpiece Cakeshop’ – A special investigation into the rise of Alliance Defending Freedom. http://marker.to/XFCsnt

The Human Rights Law Alliance

Libertarianism: a nice idea, but doomed

Distance education is not considered Home Schooled

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