Episode 124 – Preferences, Panels and Princes

Episode 124 – Preferences, Panels and Princes

Our Australian Podcast discusses One Nation Preferences, Lopsided Panels, Dying Patients, Religious Privileges, Bogus Persecution, Marauding Princes, Jackie’s Pain and Bob Katter’s Proclivities.

1:50 The result of the Queensland election has not been formally announced
but it appears that the Labor Government has been returned thanks in
part to the strange preference arrangement of the One Nation Party.

7:18 Victoria is very close to passing voluntary assisted dying laws and
the Greens have proposed to look at similar legislation to be enacted
at the Federal level. We discuss whether this is constitutionally valid
and look at the possible negative implications.

13:02 If the voluntary assisted dying laws are passed in Victoria then the
debate will move on to the problem of religious hospitals refusing to
provide the service and refusing to assist patients who may wish to
transfer out of their hospitals to get assisted dying elsewhere.

16:40 Fortunately, as hoped, discussion of religious freedom has led to some
politicians questioning the privileges that religions already enjoy.
We look at comments by Doug Cameron and a Western Australian review of
religious privileges in that State.

20:18 Matt Canavan is fighting to ensure that Christianity is not a
persecuted minority and he notes that there is no other planet we can
take ourselves to but, ironically, he has no problem polluting it with coal-fired
generators and coal mines.

23:54 The Essential Report has come out with statistics as to how
Australians feel about special religious privileges and unfortunately
many of them are willing to grant further privileges to religious
groups and to religious businesses who wish to discriminate against
same-sexx couples.

31:15 A panel has been formed to review protections for
religious freedom and the members of that panel are discussed and we
have serious concerns that there are pro religious voices on the panel
but no pro secular voices.

49:44 Jackie Lambie has complained that one of her constituents is feeling
the pain because he is not sure if he can legally discriminate
against same sex couples.

54:24 Civil celebrants say they don’t want special exemptions.

1:00:54 Bob Katter believes we must fix the crocodile problem first.

1:01:55 Should Sleeping Beauty be taken off the curriculum as it possibly
legitimises the practice of strange men kissing women when they are

1:11:51 We have a couple of stories about Christian statues.

1:18:32 Nick Cave refuses to bow to pressure from BDS and schedules a
concert in Israel.

1:22:20 Robots can now do backflips.

1:23:50 Wealthy parents are now flocking to public schools and we look at the
facts and figures for education funding in Goulburn.

The links:

Brennan appointed to religious freedom panel 

The Preconditions for Commonwealth Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage-Frank Brennan, S.J.

Frank Brennan – Will break the law rather than the seal of the confessional.

Archbishop Wilson faces up to two years in jail if convicted of “concealing a serious indictable offence”.

From Brian Morris

Dear Trevor . . . will you share with your network, to take some action?

Malcolm Turnbull has appointed Philip Ruddock to chair a “Freedom of Religion” panel — but where is the SECULAR voice to put the Freedom FROM religion viewpoint? We need community action to make this point!

Initial direct action can be for each of us to phone Turnbull’s office (02) 6277 7700 to state there must be a secular voice on Ruddock’s panel.

We don’t want the right to discriminate against same-sex couples, say civil celebrants

Mother demands her son’s school take Sleeping Beauty off the curriculum because the princess doesn’t give consent to be kissed and woken up by prince

Hundreds gather for vigil after statue desecrated

An unfortunate statue

Schoolies 2017: Clever ways church groups are using celebrations to spread their message

Nick Cave vs the BDS bigots

Robots can now do backflips

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