Episode 120 – A bad week for Malcolm

1:20 Malcolm Turnbull has had a bad week and we start off by looking at the
citizenship fiasco and his poor political skills. When the issue arose
he should have told the members in question to stand down while
waiting for the High Court to resolve the matter. By declaring
categorically that the High Court would clear them he put his own neck
on the line and also crossed over into a problem with the separation
of powers.

8:40 In an interview on the 7:30 report, Barnaby Joyce admitted that he
thought the High Court might decide against him. Given that, there is
no doubt he should have stood down pending their decision.

9:50 We look at the decision of the High Court and discuss the commonsense interpretation that the High Court
applied which could hardly be described as brutal literalism which
is the description given by Senator George Brandis.

20:08 Ministerial decisions by the two disqualified Ministers are now in
question and we look at the legal arguments and ramifications.

One player who acted appropriately was Canavan however, after the
decision, when asked what his priorities were he said it was to help
start a new coal-fired generator and to support the Adani mine
project. Where do we find these politicians?

25:45 New Zealand has sworn in a prime minister who is an ex Mormon turned agnostic.

29:28 We look at the Queensland State election and the issue of preferences.

34:09 Corey Bernardi‘s party will not contest the Queensland State election
as they did not register in time, however, they have told their
supporters that the most important policy to look at is whether a
Party supports the safe schools program.

35:30 The Catholic Church again displays its lack of moral fibre by refusing
to sign up to a national redress scheme.

37:39 The Australian Federal police raid on the AWU is not a good look
for our democracy. The government has already had a royal commission
looking into the union movement and this looks like a government
abusing its powers. The next thing we know they will be accusing Bill
Shorten of sodomy.

Pauline Hanson suggested that minister Cash is a victim of a witch
hunt by the union movement and she managed to say this with a straight

Thanks to Adam for updating the secular index in relation to Jim Chalmers.

44:20 A priest removes evil spirits from a Las Vegas hotel room.

49:02 We look at a fact check as to whether Karina Alcatel was correct about changes to
same-sex marriage causing the closure of a school in the UK. Of
course, it was rubbish.

54:54 The Fist has another attempt to convince the Velvet Glove that
categorising people based on their beliefs is a legitimate practice.

1:04:48 Corey Bernardi wants a lot of amendments to the proposed marriage
equality legislation and does not want to legislate in haste.

1:06:26 A magic man steams himself to death.

1:10:01 John Hewson says that the defence department needs to be reined in and
made accountable.

1:12:26 John Menadue explained why our NBN is a disaster and the blame lies
with John Howard.

1:17:00 Christians think they are more moral but studies show that they are
not. Interestingly they watch less porn on Sundays but make up for
that on other days.

1:23:04 Jackie Lambie and the Senate crossbenches are looking at an admirable
reform in relation to lobbying. Michael West has done a study of the
Australian situation regarding lobbying.

1:27:24 Bob Brown won a High Court case which summoned an implied right of
freedom of political expression and that right may come back to haunt
our community regarding the abortion clinic exclusion zones.

1:33:47 We finished off with a discussion of our excursion to a talk by the
Centre for Public Christianity titled Public Christianity for a
post-Christian World.


Malcolm Turnbull  audio clip

Sometimes you need to swallow your pride, fess up to mistakes and deal with them properly

Barnaby Joyce said he thought it might go that way but stayed in parliament

 Re Canavan; Re Ludlam; Re Waters; Re Roberts [No 2]; Re Joyce; Re Nash; Re Xenophon [2017] HCA 45 (27 October 2017)  http://marker.to/QVLUut

Mr Kennett SC was appointed amicus curiae (amicus coory eye)

Hooray for accepting ordinary meaning (Brandis called it brutal literalism)

Canavan – his first priorities are a new coal-fired generator and supporting the Adani mine project

Ministerial decisions are now called into question http://marker.to/WjmJmR

Section 64

Challenging the decisions of Joyce and Nash

New Zealand just swore in its 40th Prime Minister, 37-year-old ex-Mormon-turned-Agnostic Jacinda Ardernhttp://marker.to/xkg3wi

From MrB.Jones73 a 5 star  Itunes review “This podcast is great for those looking for debates about secularism, religious power structures and Western liberal democratic ideals, all with a focus on the Great Southern Land. The two main protagonists bounce ideas off each other and occasionally guests are brought in to give different perspectives (I love to hate Right Wing Tony!). These are not Left Wing Nutters, I know as I tend to that description too often myself and disagree with them at times. Rationality and free thought rule! The boys don’t mind if you throw in your two cents, in fact, I think they love to hear from the public. Very worth a listen.”

Scott – no more “and that sort of stuff”

Qld election and preferences

Cory Bernardi has missed the boat

Child abuse redress scheme: Church says it won’t sign up unless states and territories do, billions on the line  http://marker.to/mVRKhe

The recent raids on AWU offices in Sydney and Melbourne, seemingly in search for “dirt” on Bill Shorten’s time as head of the Union, should be ringing alarm bellshttp://marker.to/K4EegT

Pauline Hanson suggests Minister Cash is the victim

Adam has updated Jim Chalmers on the Federal Secular Index

Priest exorcises evil from Las Vegas shooter’s room

Fact check: Has legalising same-sex marriage in the UK had consequences for the school curriculum?  http://marker.to/hWTBi9

Who is Karina Okotel    http://marker.to/POGSU8

 Hmmm … Political Typology based on values and beliefs seems legit rather than reprehensible  See Appendix 1   http://marker.to/rYQbhJ

Sami Shah is OK with categorising Muslims

Cultural = Social

Normal = Muslim Lite

Frightening = By the Book

Downright Crazy = Killing can be OK

 I don’t want to legislate in haste – Cory Bernardi http://marker.to/FkACVV

During a recent performance of it at a Nine Emperor Gods celebration in Ayer Tawar, Perak, Kang Huai said food – such as rice, sweet corn and vegetarian buns – were put inside the wok to be steamed as well.  http://marker.to/54LAr0

The non-transparent, unaccountable, Defence procurement process … is “corruptible” at many levels – precisely because a competent, independent, review and audit is non-existent. http://marker.to/yFWxYV

JOHN MENADUE. The NBN and the wholesale/network arm of Telstra that should never have been sold. http://marker.to/2NG2Of

Studies conducted among American Christians, for example, have found that participants donated more money to charity and even watched less porn on Sundays. However, they compensated on both accounts during the rest of the week. As a result, there were no differences between religious and nonreligious participants on average.     http://marker.to/GXUqyC

Kevin Rudd is against Assisted Dying http://marker.to/cP8KKq

But I’m not going to stand here and say you vote no; and you vote yes and you’re a Catholic, you’ll go to hell. It’s not like that.’  http://marker.to/YaSdgO

Senate crossbenchers take the first steps on lobbying reform – now to ensure it succeeds. http://marker.to/B48ycR

GREG BAILEY. Lobbyists and the Privatisation of the Political Process     http://marker.to/ewehCZ

This is part in a series of investigations by Michael West into Australia’s most powerful business lobby groups and rent seekers. To begin, we have selected the Business Council of Australia, the most elite and influential peak body of them all.  http://marker.to/0vkmHw

Fact Check: What Gruen got right and wrong about Hillsong http://marker.to/vMnAd3

Turnbull rejects Indigenous advisory body  http://marker.to/QnBeyG

Bob Brown wins high court challenge to Tasmanian anti-protest laws   http://marker.to/fXFWDf

Three pro-life supporters fined after holding prayer vigils in Canberra’s abortion clinic exclusion zone will argue the law breaches the Constitution    http://marker.to/UQ8NI9

Pro-lifers draw inspiration from Bob Brown in defence of abortion clinic charges  http://marker.to/f2rJMh

This is why we must avoid a Bill of Rights

Our excursion

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