Episode 117 – What were we saying back in October 2016?

Highlights from October 2016

2:45 Exorcisms and Islam’s view of The Devil and 5 things prophets have in common.

5:49 Embryos and medical research and how ISIS is more progressive than the Catholics

8:52 Scary Clowns, Ronald McDonald and The Hijab wrapped up into a lively discussion.

13:27 Donald Trump and lexicographic preferences. The Velvet Glove may regret his statement when forced into a corner by The Iron Fist.

23:06 Democracy for Realists

31:47 Government funding of private schools

37:51 It’s not just tax breaks. We give religions all sorts of funding to do jobs the government should be doing.

39:05 Cardinal Pell on climate change

40:12 Let’s get out of The Middle East

42:53 Submarines – a certain disaster

49:38 Assisted dying and a Canadian story

52:59 The vasectomy story

55:25 The Pope effect encourages exorcisms

57:48 Amazing gun ownership statistics. 78% of Americans do not own a gun. 19% own 50%. 3% own 50% of all guns.

1:00:04 Our Hillsong excursion

1:08:26 There’s going to be bacon !!

1:10:53 Deep Throat and David Van Gend

1:12:20 The Masculinity of Skiing landscapes

1:13:36 Right Wing Tony’s FIFO idea is stolen

1:18:19 Legal submissions by religious advocates to the Royal Commission

1:28:04 The Hijab does not protect women from “wolf whistling”

1:34:00  Like a brick thrown in troubled water by Roy Zimmerman

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