Episode 115 – 27 September 2017

Episode 115 – 27 September 2017

2:31 In this episode of the podcast, we note that Tim Nicholls arrived at the correct answer on marriage equality but he scores no marks for his calculations. In our view, deciding the marriage equality question based on St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians is poor practice for a State Opposition Leader.
4:19 Previously, The Fist would have opined that Tim Nicholls is out of step with the mainstream of Australian society, however, a recent Essential Report survey reveals that huge numbers of Australians believe in Heaven, Hell, Angels, Ghosts, Extraterrestrials and climate change conspiracy theories so perhaps Tim Nicholls is a true representative after all.
10:07 A Facebook post by Far Kew is spot on where she expresses her anger that people think it is ok to vote against marriage equality because they’re pissed about receiving a text message.
14:18 Jane Caro says she has no problem with religious organisations discriminating against people provided there is proper publicity of the discrimination.
20:21 The Fist points out that the marriage equality argument is an example of bike shedding.
19:01 Mrs Betty Bowers, America’s best Christian succinctly describes the double standards that apply in relation to religious freedom and persecution.
23:47 In the USA there is a brouhaha regarding athletes taking the knee during the playing of the national anthem and the raising of the American flag. The Fist fails to convince The Velvet Glove to change his mind, however, Brandon Tatum proves to be a better Advocate.
35:46 We take a look at proposed legislation for assisted dying in New South Wales and Victoria and also look at a useful document provided by Dying with Dignity.
46:55 Landon Hardbottom scolds The Fist and The Velvet Glove and threatens them with retribution.
53:24 Two surveys of white Evangelical Christian’s taken 5 years apart show that they are bereft of any moral fibre.
56:05 Kenan Malik has visited Australia and is not afraid to tackle some difficult ideas regarding indigenous Australians.
Equally troubling is the romanticization. It has become the accepted truth that Indigenous peoples have a culture stretching back 65,000 years. Humans have been on the continent for that long, but no culture extends over such a time span. Today’s Indigenous Australians no more have the same relationship to the spiritual tradition of Dreamtime stories as did those first inhabitants than modern Greeks relate to “The Iliad” in the way their ancient forebears did.
The idea of an unbroken, unchanged culture has a flip side that has always animated racists. It was once used to portray Indigenous Australians, and other nonwhite races, as primitive and incapable of development. Likewise with another common claim: that Indigenous people have a special attachment to the land and a unique form of ecological wisdom. This, too, draws on an old racist trope, a reworking of the “noble savage” myth. The fact that in contemporary debates such ideas are deployed in support, rather than denial, of Indigenous rights does not make them more palatable.
When I raised these issues with Australian academics and activists, many suggested that as someone with a European perspective, I did not grasp the nuances of the Australian debate. That may be true. But many of the issues are global, not local. From America to South Africa, from India to France, questions about the legacies of colonialism, the authenticity of cultural traditions and the meaning of democracy in pluralist societies dominate public debate.

Tim Nicholls relies on the Bible

Essential Report

Jane Caro is a bit soft

Brandon Tatum

Assisted Dying – setting the record straight

The NSW draft Bill

White evangelicals went from being the least likely to the most likely group to agree that a candidate’s personal immorality has no bearing on his performance in public office.

Kenan Malik on Indigenous Australians

One comment on “Episode 115 – 27 September 2017
  1. The Iron Fist says:

    Some feedback emailed to us by a listener.

    Hello, Mr Fist and Mr Glove,

    Well it’s not often that I completely disagree with the Fist’s
    take on an issue, in fact usually, I’m usually in furious agreement.
    But on this issue, I think you\’re way off the mark.

    Have a gander at this article:


    I also wasn\’t impressed or convinced by the audio you played of the
    black police officer. To me it came across as the ill informed rant
    of an Uncle Tom, actively participating in a system that oppresses his
    own people. (Please excuse the hyperbole, used for dramatic effect).
    See here:


    Anyway having said all that, it\’s not really a story I\’d like to
    see you continue to follow and do further updates on, I love the fact
    that you guys have so much local content and there\’s plenty of
    other local issues that deserve your attention more than this one.

    Just my 2c, as always I love the show and keep it up guys!


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