Episode 113 – 13 September 2017

Episode 113 – 13 September 2017

We have a new feature. if you listen to the podcast directly from the post on our website, you will be able to jump directly to different topics by clicking on the relevant time stamp. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to share your favourite parts of our podcast.

01:43 In this episode, the Iron Fist admits to an error regarding trans-generational trauma.

10:40 An indigenous Alice Springs councillor says there is no need to change Australia day and people should not feel guilty.

12:52 The National Secular Lobby announces Philip Adams and Jane Caro as ambassadors.

14:02 A Tasmanian couple refuses to pay rates because the land belongs to God so the council sells the property for half of its market value.

15:38 We propose a collective noun for a group of religious nutters.

17:08 Donald Trump initiates a national day of prayer and a “scrotum of religious nutters” gather around to pray in a manner that would breach Matthew Chapter 6 verse 5.

22:59 The Fist argues that a group of Far Right Nationalists should not be guilty of a criminal offence and the Victorian Racial and Religious Tolerance Act goes too far.

30:04 On the other hand, the Fist agrees with Peter Dutton that a famous advocate against vaccinations should not be given a Visa to enter Australia. The Fist argues that Kent Heckenlively would likely cause injury or death and has crossed the line in much the same way that inciting violence crosses the line of acceptable free speech.

46:47 We also look at the limits to free speech from offensive language laws which address the F word and the C word.

52:18 Indians who are complaining about the meat and livestock ad and its implication that the Hindu God Ganesha eats meat should find something more worthwhile to complain about.

53:22 The Fist thinks that trolls on the Secular Party Facebook page should be banned.

56:40 Hopefully, the new Reason party will take some advice from The Fist about submarines.

59:30 American protestants do not understand the basic tenets of their own religion.

1:02:22 An art exhibition in South Australia is shut down because of the cultural appropriation of a sacred indigenous figure. This is a worrying trend. It leads to a conversation about copyright.

1:08:51 We finish off with a few quick stories about the marriage equality debate.


The Links:

Tasmanian home sold to recover rates unpaid by owners, who said land belongs to God

Be wary of anyone claiming to speak on behalf of a group

Indigenous Alice Springs town councillor Jacinta Nampijinpa Price says Aboriginal people have become professional mourners and it’s time it stopped.

Trump prays for Houston – ugh …

Far-right nationalists found guilty of inciting serious contempt for Muslims after mock beheading video

Freedom of speech takes a hit

Spiked says the ban on anti-vaxxer is wrong

But aside from the media circus, Mr Lim’s case highlights how tensions can arise when the legal system seeks to regulate something as nebulous as language and offence.

Meat and Livestock Australia criticised for advert of vegetarian Hindu God Ganesha

Survey Shows Most Christians Don’t Understand the Fundamentals of Their Faith

Art exhibition in SA shut down over use of Kimberley sacred Indigenous figure

The gay couple who oppose same-sex marriage

Rites v rights: the Catholic Church faces a crisis of conscience

Legalise same-sex marriage for the ‘common good’, says Catholic priest Frank Brennan

Senator Penny Wong described it well: “The problem in all of this is, the application of religious belief to the framing of law in a secular society … religion-based moral codes continue to limit the freedoms and the rights of those who, in the view of religious groups, do not conform to their views.”


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