Episode 103 – 4 July 2017

00:46 In this episode of the podcast we discuss a crazy Catholic nun who terrorised young children into thinking that they were being permanently removed from their parents. The ordeal lasted for 5 1/2 hours and is a fine example of the sensitivities of the Catholic Church.

05:25 We discuss why we cannot discuss Cardinal Pell because of the sub judice rules.

11:08 Three women in Detroit go through a ceremony where they are married to Jesus. There are 4000 consecrated virgins in the world. It is strange that the Catholic Church objects to gay marriage because it is not between a man and a woman yet the Catholic Church is happy to consecrate a marriage ceremony between 4000 women and a mythical being. At what point should society step in and help delusional people as they do with the hikikomori in Japan.

18:45 The Trinity Lutheran Church case in America has set a dangerous precedent and has fractured the wall separating church and state.

29:38 Andrew Denton highlights the actions of the Christian lobby to stop assisted dying legislation in Victoria.

36:02 In some respects, Peter Dutton is more powerful than Donald Trump.

The Fist objects to protests using #NotInMyName. It is a narcissistic self-centred form of protest in which people unnecessarily paint themselves as victims.

44:05 In India it is safer to be a cow than a woman.

48:13 Jeff Horn learns to fight to avoid being beaten up …

50:11 How long till Abdel-Magied appears in the UK

51:50 John Dixon asks how anyone can still take Jesus seriously today and we agree that this is a good question. Our answer is that people do not think rationally but that is unlikely to be his thesis.

57:13 The Fist compares the study of the Bible with the study of Grimm’s fairy tales. If you are studying how the stories were gathered and how they evolved over time and the differences between the stories and matters of that type then it is legitimate study. The problem is that the scholars of Grimm’s fairy tales do not actually believe that the fairy tales are real which unfortunately is a mistake often made by theologians in relation to the Bible..

59:59 A politician in Jakarta suggests that a sharia law tourism zone would be popular.

1:02:18 We finish with another great article from Kenan Malik where he explores the idea that cultural identity is a form of racism practised by both the right and the left.

Last week, Sandeep and Reena Mander were denied the chance to adopt a child. It was not because their local council, Windsor and Maidenhead, thought that they would not have provided a loving family home. Nor because there were no children to adopt. It is rather that the Manders are of Indian Sikh heritage – though both born in Britain – and the only children needing adoption were white. ‘They took the colour of our skin as the overriding reason not to progress with the application’, Mr Mander said.


We slam Catholics and the next day Cardinal Pell is charged, a crazy Nun appears and Tony Abbott has a rethink about submarines

Come home Cardinal Pell. Sub judice and fair trials.

Pell had incredible access to Prime Minister Abbott

and this interview with Tony Jones

Pell To Lend A Hand Fighting Gay Marriage Laws While In Town Facing Child Sex Crimes

Miranda Devine jumps a shark

Married to Jesus with a lifelong virginity pledge

The Catholics have been getting more … just because they’re Catholic

Andrew Denton and the religious lobby against assisted dying

An ultraconservative, anti-euthanasia campaigner with extreme views on abortion and contraception is this week touring Australia and meeting with senior MPs.

We need to tackle this morality argument

Please protest beef lynching without being a narcissist

Cows are safer than women. Activists put on a cow mask.

Jeff Horn and Manny Pacquiao

Yassmin Abdel-Magied is moving to London

John Dickson and Hugh Harris

Sandiaga Uno to establish sharia tourism zone in Jakarta


Kenan Malik – How culture came to appropriate race

One comment on “Episode 103 – 4 July 2017
  1. Tony48219 says:

    Why is Al Qaeda more compassionate than pro-lifers?

    The 9/11 hijackers got to die instantly.

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