Episode 99 – 7 June 2017

2:56 In episode 99 we look at the latest terrorist attack in the United Kingdom.
3:05 We discuss the statement by the British Prime Minister and the responses around the world.
5:21 An article from The Guardian proves that The Guardian has lost touch with reality.
8:56 In The Conversation, Bill Durodie suggests that rather than being united in horror and mourning we should focus on becoming united in purpose. He looks at the demands by the Prime Minister for internet and social media censorship and policing but notes the fact that if you or I were to troll through as many jihadist websites as we could find we would still not turn into the morally bankrupt murderers that are committing these atrocities. He also castigates the Metropolitan Police Chief Commissioner for suggesting that British society could turn on the Muslim community in some sort of pogrom which is insulting to the civility of British people.
12:20 Kenan Malik notes that censorship will not work, that there was a police failure as these terrorists were known to police and that if Theresa May wants to confront uncomfortable questions she needs to address the involvement of Saudi Arabia in funding Wahhabism.
16:33 The Pope and the Archbishop of Westminster are providing their usual assistance in the form of prayers.
17:49 Richard King describes virtue signalling as a trickle down model of social change which is as ineffective as trickle down economics.
21:46 Lauren Rosewarne in an article in The Conversation criticises a fellow academic who had the temerity to call for the end of Islam and suggested that the university that employs him should consider whether that is still a good idea. She demonstrates that the left is not nearly as tolerant as it likes to think that it is and diversity is fine so long as that is not diversity of opinion.
31:22 Covfefe and a President is not allowed to delete tweets
32:55 We look at Andrew Robb and the topic of political donations
The latest opinion surveys from the Essential Report.
53:02 We suggest that the foul language and racial insults frequently levied by Noel Pearson make him unsuitable as a leader of the Aboriginal community.
58:58 We have another look at Margaret Court
1:01:15 A great quote from Christopher Hitchens which seems to apply in Indonesia at the moment.
1:04:18 The TPP refuses to die.
1:06:04 Finally, the Catholic Church is telling kids that if they want to enjoy casual clothes day then they must ensure that their parents sign a complaint letter about school funding.


The Guardian view on Theresa May’s plans on terror

London Bridge attack: too right ‘enough is enough’ – but Britain must tackle uncomfortable questions

Kenan Malik: The real problems exposed by the recent terror attacks were barely touched on by Theresa May,

Prayers for London attack victims

Islam and the fine line of academic freedom The RSA seemed to agree with the statement “But condemning Islam as a whole – as sharply contrasted with denouncing acts of political extremism – gets very close to what I would call hate speech.”

What is the point of calling for condemnation from moderate Muslims if they, on the other hand, encourage promote a divided lifestyle and a divisive religion

Essential report

Coalition defends Andrew Robb after revelation he started job while an MP

Political donations generally – foreign, local or interplanetary. Paul Pisale

Christianity does not play a significant role in Australian politics, but cultural conservatism does

Homosexuality Is A Plot To Brainwash Children, Says Leader Of Organisation That Actually Brainwashes Children

Christopher Hitchens: I always take it for granted that sexual moralizing by public figures is a sign of hypocrisy or worse, and most usually a desire to perform the very act that is most being condemned. From King Lear: “Thou rascal beadle, hold thy bloody hand! Why dost thou lash that whore?… Thou hotly lust’st to use her in that kind, for which thou whip’st her.” This is why, whenever I hear some bigmouth in Washington or the Christian heartland banging on about the evils of sodomy or whatever, I mentally enter his name in my notebook and contentedly set my watch. Sooner rather than later, he will be discovered down on his weary and well-worn old knees in some dreary motel or latrine, with an expired Visa card, having tried to pay well over the odds to be peed upon by some Apache transvestite.

Indonesia names Islamist leader a suspect in pornography case

Noel Pearson alleged to have unleashed foul-mouthed tirade at Prime Minister over Indigenous constitutional recognition

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The TPP is a fucking zombie that refuses to die! 

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