Episode 101 – 20 June 2017

1:08 We look at a hard-line Christian hoping to replace Gillian Triggs as head of the Australian Human Rights Commission. Augusto Zimmerman is backed by Margaret Court and does not believe in evolution. What could possibly go wrong?

7:08 We explain why three government ministers are facing contempt of court charges.

14:26 In Canada, students at Catholic schools can refuse to attend religious classes thanks to the Canadian Charter of Rights. But that doesn’t mean Australia should have one.

19:06 We have exported our fair share of religious nutters to the United States and we can add Andrew Snelling to the list.

22:09 Shark attack victim Tiffany Johnson thanks Jesus for saving her.

25:23 The Fist argues why we should allow terrorist groups like Hezbollah to fly their flag and March in our cities.

34:44 Sunni-Shia divide gets a better explanation.

40:35 Jimmy has given us a voicemail.

43:17 A politician admits that he cannot follow Jesus and be a progressive politician at the same time.

48:24 Christina Kineally once again has a go at Catholics and introduces the term “Catholic extremist”.

54:24 Norway plans to ban the Muslim veil

1:01:52 Kenan Malik examines cultural appropriation.

1:10:18 We look at an alternative to democracy

1:19:38 We finish with more crazy Americans (chocolate milk comes from brown cows)

1:20:25 An unusual marriage in Columbia (3 gay men)

Hardline Christian hoping to replace Triggs

Explainer: why three government ministers might face contempt of court charges

Our politicians show an alarming ignorance of the separation of powers

Contempt case could bring down Turnbull govt

In Canada, students can opt out of religious classes at Catholic schools after a complaint settled

More info here

Australian Christian geologist sues Grand Canyon for religious discrimination

Shark victim Tiffany Johnson pulled ‘mangled stump’ from jaws

Flying terrorist flags in the capital is an insult to victims of the London attacks

Confederate Symbols and the Black Flag of ISIS: Two Sides of the Same Coin

‘I can’t follow Jesus and be a politician’

Tim Farron is so wrong – Christianity and progressive politics do go together
Peter Ormerod

Let’s call child sexual abuse in the church what it is: Catholic extremism

Norway plans to ban Muslim face veils in schools

Calif. college students: Objective truth a ‘white supremacist’ idea

Kenan Malik on cultural appropriation

Should you get a vote if you don’t understand politics? Academics offer democracy rethink

How the Vatican influences population growth policy

The surprising number of American adults who think chocolate milk comes from brown cows

Three-man “polyamorous family” legally recognised in Colombia


One comment on “Episode 101 – 20 June 2017
  1. Warren Foster says:

    I would like more thought and discussion relating to the topic
    “Should you get a vote if you don’t understand politics? Academics offer democracy rethink”
    Do you realise you both dismissed the idea immediately before talking about how 7% of Americans think chocolate milk comes from brown cows!?!?
    In addition, a survey of 18-24 year old Americans’ knowledge of geography found that:
    87% couldn’t find Iraq on a map
    70% couldn’t find New Jersey
    11% couldn’t find the U.S.
    The U.S. has an education system that is well above average.
    How could it not be advantageous (for everyone) if those with a similarly shocking knowledge of politics were not allowed to vote?
    Let’s face it, the questions would not have to be very difficult at all. I would guess 10% of Australians could not name the two Houses of Parliament or understand the term Coalition.
    Excluding these people would not limit voting to the elite. It would just eliminate the grossly ignorant.

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