Episode 100a – better audio

Sorry about the audio on episode 100.

Scott’s voice was too loud (or mine was too soft) and there was a lot of background noise.

Here is a better version.


In this episode, we look at the UK election and discuss the Democratic Unionist Party, Sinn Fein, Elmo and Lord Buckethead as well as a new theory called the median legislator theorem.


We shake our head at the request by The Islamic Council of Victoria for safe spaces so that their troubled youth can rage against Western civilisation without fear of being labelled radical.


The Catholics warn politicians that while a minority of people are against assisted dying legislation, that minority is prepared to vote based on that one issue. We look at some interesting statistics showing that there is a high correlation between religious belief and an unwillingness to allow assisted dying and this correlation increases as people attended church more regularly.


Father John O’Connor is another Catholic priest and he is not happy about changes to procedures regarding the hearing of confessions and clearly dislikes the fact that he has to conduct confessions in an open environment. In his view, the Church has been in this game for a long time and it knows what is best for the penitent. Clearly, he has not been paying much attention to the Royal Commission into Responses to Institutional Child Abuse.


We take a look at Donald Trump’s Twitter account and the fascinating application of First Amendment law which seems to confirm that he is not allowed to delete people from his Twitter account. The Fist suggests that Australia needs something similar to the First Amendment.


We thank our patrons and induct Sean into the Iron Fist Velvet Glove Patron Hall of Fame.


Liberal Party branches designed for Chinese members are a bad idea.


A burrito shop in Oregon is forced to close down after allegations of cultural appropriation.


Life is tough for white chickens in Brooklyn


We take a quick look at the Sunni-Shia divide, the methods used by Saudi Arabia to indoctrinate the population of Indonesia and the ganging up on Qatar by fellow Arab countries.


We invite a listener to read a book to join The Fist for a book review at a later time.


Donald Trump thinks NATO countries need to spend more money and The Fist questions whether alliances are a good idea.


We finish with another look at domestic violence in Islam and the despicable work done by so-called feminist as they perform linguistic gymnastics in order to excuse the Quran.

Here are the links:


Fighting an election only to refuse a seat: Sinn Féin and Westminster abstention

Can a minority Conservative government survive? Let’s look at the maths

Premier Daniel Andrews says he’s “very troubled” by the Islamic Council of Victoria’s suggestion for safe spaces where Muslim youth “could be radical”.

Proposed euthanasia laws a ‘vote loser’ for Andrews

Opposition to assisted dying is largely religious

Catholic schools ordered to stop kids’ confession behind closed doors

Is there a First Amendment right to follow President Trump’s Twitter account?

LNP creates ‘Chinese only’ branch on the Gold Coast

Burritos and cultural appropriation

Religious ritual 1, chickens 0

What is the Ayatollah Khomeini mausoleum and why was it attacked?

What is the Shia-Sunni divide?

Saudi Arabia is destabilising the world

Saudi Arabia footballers ignore minute’s silence for London attack victims

Why Qatar Is in the Naughty Corner

The Real Qatar story

Philippine authorities ban hanging rosary beads off car dashboards

NATO and Trump

The Americans will always do the right thing… after they’ve exhausted all the alternatives.
– Winston Churchill
The best argument against democracy is a five minute talk with the average voter.
– Winston Churchill

Explainer: what Islam actually says about domestic violence according to Nada Ibrahim

A contrary view from the Religion of Peace website

Maajid Nawaz

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