Episode 96 – 12 May 2017

In this episode, The Fist talks with Brian Morris the author of Sacred to Secular.

Here is a link to his petition.

and here is a link to his website Plain Reason where you can get a copy of his book Sacred to Secular.

In the interview, we discuss Brian’s career as a PR consultant, his experience with Bob Carr and the NSW government, and his motivation to write a book about secularism. After that, we talk about government funding of religious schools we then propose a plan for a lobbying effort using a well-known celebrity to act as an ambassador or spokesperson for the secular movement.


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One comment on “Episode 96 – 12 May 2017
  1. Harry Poulos says:

    Brian Morris, in his article published in the Courier Mail, 26th April, reveals himself to be woefully ignorant of the truth of the Old Testament and its foundational significance for understanding the New Testament and the whole of God’s Word, the Bible.

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