Episode 86 – 8 March 2017

1:12 A tool to force people to read an article before they can comment on an article.

2:42 Some pharmacies in the UK want to be able to refuse to supply contraceptives. The 12th Man’s friend asked for extra large condoms in Japan.

6:20 Pauline Hanson thinks Putin is a great guy and vaccinations should be optional.

7:57 Roe Vs Wade. The woman who helped make abortion legal in the US converts to Christianity, opposes abortion

8:38 LeBron comes to Kyrie Irving’s defence: ‘If he decides the Earth is flat, that’s OK’

12:15 On Meaning, Identity Politics and Bias in the Academy — An Interview with Clay Routledge

23:18 Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?

36:00 Moral outrage is self serving. Those feeling guilty express the most outrage and then afterwards feel less guilty.

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