Episode 85 – 1 March 2017

Episode 85 – 1 March 2017


Hugh Harris is back.


Indigenous football teams such as the NRL Indigenous All Stars – are they a good or a bad thing?

The Royal Commission into child abuse. What will they recommend? What won’t they recommend? Will anything change?


What needs to change and what are Hugh and Trevor going to do about it?

Two worrying events regarding freedom of speech. Ayaan Hirsi Ali billboards have been banned and at the same time, the controversy over Keysar Trad bypasses Fairfax, the ABC and The Guardian.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Sarah Haider and Gad Saad disagree with Majid Nawaz and Sam Harris on a fundamental issue. ie Can Islam be reformed?

The Fist defends humanity against an alien thought experiment and tried to get a grip on Hugh’s theory of Meta-Ethical Relativism.

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