Episode 54 – 20 July 2016

Black lives matter. A prediction by The Fist.

Oh No, The Fist agrees with Cory Bernardi click here

Churchill click here

We need new definitions for Muslims

Pauline Hanson on QANDA

Sonia Kruger

The Fist and The Glove peer into a crystal ball and make their predictions for the federal parliament. Length of term, leadership changes and who will win the next election.

Westfield wary of atheist ads click here

Atheist fundraising click here

Tim Wilson is against secularism click here

Thoughts and prayers click here

China – caught between a rock and a hard place or in this case a low tide elevation click here

Pakistan behaving badly – again click here and click here

The tragedy in Nice. Lots of Muslims think suicide bombing can sometimes be ok. To see Pew Research  Click here We last played the French anthem in episode 21.

Definitions Proposed by The Fist

Social Muslim

A Muslim by name only. Yes believe in Allah and that Mohammed is the one true prophet but don’t think about it much. You eat anything and drink alcohol. You joke about showing people your prayer room which turns out to be a wine cellar. Women can wear anything. Your kids go to a non-Muslim school and you wouldn’t care who they marry.

Muslim Lite

You pray a little, fast occasionally and visit the mosque but not every week. Ladies should wear a hijab and kids must marry a Muslim. You are not interested in whether non-Muslims observe the faith and you don’t care about Jews and gays. You have some friends who are non-Muslim.

By the Book Muslim

You observe the doctrines quite strictly. You are offended by non-Muslims who do not observe Islam. Women preferably wear a burqa or a niqab. Blasphemy should be punished. You pray five times a day and you insist that your workplace make special arrangements to cater for your religious needs. You have no non-Muslim friends. You go to the mosque every week. You hate Jews. Your children must go to an Islamic school.

Killing can be ok Muslim

A By the Book Muslim who thinks that in some circumstances suicide bombing of civilian targets to defend Islam can be justified or that honour killings can be justified or that blasphemy warrants a death sentence.


Islam should be imposed on society using peaceful means


Islam should be imposed on society using violence if necessary


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