Episode 53 – 13 July 2016

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Some parties have no staying power click here

Chilcot click here

News Corp and the Iraq war click here

Paul Keating on Howard and Iraq click here

Spying on churches click here

Homosexuality will send you to hell click here

We need to recognise “bike-shedding” click here and on the same page the “duck technique”

Exclusive Brethren and school funding  click here

Grounds to complain about the ACL click here

What they did click here

Scott Morrison has been discriminated against click here

Homeopathy and animals click here

A Pakistani catch 22 click here

Sweden and religious schools click here

The Swiss and Muslim girls who refused to swim click here

Muslim populations in Europe click here

In Belgium, a Catholic home fined for not allowing euthanasia click here

Evangelicals are taking over Brazil click here

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2 comments on “Episode 53 – 13 July 2016
  1. Doug Elliott says:

    Re Your discussion about the Exclusive Brethren.
    “it might be OK if they were some little harmless Amish Community.”
    After a visit to an Amish Community and listening to an Amish leader who took questions left us in no doubt that the Amish are anything but harmless.

    Their philosophy is to keep their members and especially ignorant. It is psychological child abuse.

    • The Iron Fist says:

      Thanks for the feedback Doug. I agree with you. I am now trying to think of a harmless religious group I could’ve used instead and I’m struggling to come up with one which doesn’t indoctrinate and therefore “abuse” children.

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