Episode 48 – 8 June 2016

Winsor State School disconnects click here and RI under review click here

Naughty Nuns deface poster click here

Presbyterians could withdraw from marriage business over gay marriage click here

A refugee takes on News Corp click here

Australia trails other nations in regulating political donations click here

Chafta opens door to unqualified workers click here

A 1 minute stump speech by the Velvet Glove

The case for a company tax cut is rock solid … says IPA click here

Max Wallace on taxing churches click here

Former ABC head was very religious click here

Super changes in a nutshell click here

Germany’s integration laws click here

Headscarves can be banned at work in Europe click here

31 different gender identities click here

The Dalai Lama on refugees click here

A soldier in Lebanon click here

You cannot be Kyrgios click here

Stop the boats – a history click here

Christianity in 101 words click here

The BBC religion chief gets it right click here

Submarines – an update

Small business won’t use tax cuts to expand click here

Egyptian mob strips 70 year old woman click here


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