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Episode 46 – 25 May 2016

School funding is a mess click here

Andrew Bolt on Christianity click here

Jesus didn’t say anything new click here

Bill Shorten supports religion’s ability to discriminate click here

Islamic housing estate in Victoria click here

Public school prayer is OK with many facebook commentators click here

A statement by Catholic Bishops click here

A preacher sneaks into Victorian schools click here

Czech politician on Islam click here

Saudi solution to refugees click here

The USA is going crazy of transgender toilets click here and click here

Samoan constitution click here

More disturbing indicators of a psychopath click here

Woman with expensive hat tells people to live within their means click here

Want to be an ACL intern click here


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Episode 45 – 18 May 2016

In this episode we do some “back of an envelope” calculations and here are the figures we used.

  • The government announced an extra $1.2b for education but Gonski needs $4.5b so we have to find $3.3b to achieve the same budget deficit.
  • Taxing religions could generate somewhere between $5b and $10b
  • Negative Gearing costs the budget about $4b-$5b each year
  • The “small”

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Episode 44 – 11 May 2016

Scott Morrison and voodoo economics click here

Religions should pay tax click here and the USA figures click here

More on submarines click here and an Indonesian story.

Syria. Let’s get out of there.

ABC vote compass

Scott Morrison in trouble over negative gearing

Inflation is low.

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Episode 43 – 4 May 2016

Our budget reply speech click here

Chaplains are Gonski

Grattan Institute infographic click here

A Bill of Rights click here and click here

12 submarines is a lot of submarines click here

Is Ted Cruz Lucifer? 

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