Episode 20 – 11 November 2015

Australian Christian Lobby slams safe schools anti-bullying message. Click here. and click here

Banned from schools, Bible bashers are now abusing pre-school children.  Click here

More on the school which invited Muslim schoolchildren to leave during the national anthem Click here

Religious groups are involved in adoption and are blocking same sex parents. Click here

Jesus never existed. Click here

It would not be a show without mentioning the TPP Click here and click here and  click here and click here

According to George Brandis we are guilty of bigotry at its most shameless? Click here and click here

More on the religious freedom round table. Click here

Tim Wilson is a member of Hillsong, was a spokesperson for the shadowy Institute of Public Affairs and now is our Human Rights Commissioner. Click here and click here

It’s getting harder to ridicule stupid ideas. We better cancel our billboard ad. Click here

Christians hardly read the Bible but expect to ram it down our throats. Click here Why not try the non-believer’s guide to the Bible. Click here

The ten commandments.

Click here and here and here and here.

Increase the GST? Lets talk tax Click here

A QandA piece of gold while the Fist is away. Click here

Voting Age





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