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Episode 13 – 24 September 2015

The National School Curriculum

RAAF Air Strikes over Syria approved

Should Western soldiers fight for Iraq if Iraqi soldiers run?

Catholic Church hiding child sex abusers

You think you’ve got it bad…free thinkers in Egypt beg to differ

Capital C conservatives vanquished

Who is new in the new look cabinet


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Episode 12 – 20 September 2015

Andrew Daniels gets another big tick,  secular education, Syrian refugees, religious impacts on vote, trans gender can’t be god parents and voluntary euthanasia.

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Episode 1 Resurrected – 9 September 2015

In this episode we resurrect episode 1 from the cutting room floor.

We sort out who is the Fist and who is the Glove

The Fist reveals his indoctrination ambitions

The Fist has his first Q&A gripe

The return of foreign fighters

Poverty in America

Renunciation certificate.

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Episode 11 – 2 September 2015

Tony Abbott and the Christian right and Tea Party connections

Border Force

Julie Bishop encourages European nations to bomb Syria

Robert Menzies didn’t need a plebiscite on marriage

The Republic

The Flag

Commissioning of Chaplains


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